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Math 10 Second Quarter Reviewer

Quiz by Rogelio Canuel Jr.

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10 questions
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  • Q1

    You were tasked to determine the zeros of agiven polynomial function  

    . You know that the leading coefficient, degreeof the function and numerical coefficients are needed to determine the zeros ofa polynomial function. Which method is used to determine the zeros of a polynomial functionusing the coefficients of each term of the polynomial function?

    Leading Coefficient Test

    Synthetic Division

    End Behavior of the Graph

    Graph of Polynomial Function

  • Q2

    It is used to determine the end behavior of the graph of a polynomial function.

    End Behavior of the Graph

    Leading Coefficient Test   

    Graph of Polynomial Function

    Synthetic Division

  • Q3

    What is the end behavior of the graph of a function with an even exponent and negative leading coefficient?

    The graph falls to the left and rises to the right.

    The graph rises to both left and right.

    The graph falls to both left and right.

    The graph rises to the left and falls to the right.

  • Q4

    The zeros of   are 1 multiplicity 1 and 2 multiplicity 2. Which of the following description of the graph with respect to the x-axis will you give to Kate?

    The graph crosses the x-axis at (-1,0) and (2,0).

    The graph is tangent at  (-1,0) and crosses the  x-axis at (2,0).

    The graph is tangent at both  (-1,0) and (2,0).

    The graph crosses the x-axis at (-1,0) and tangent at (2,0).

  • Q5

    The box’s volume below is V(x)=(2x3+9x2+9x) cm3. If the box’s volume is 70 cm3, what is the value of x?

    Question Image





  • Q6

    Which of the followingstatements are TRUE about circles?

                                 I. A chord of a circle is a line segment that has its endpoints on the circle.

                                 II. If a circle is divided into three equal arcs, each is a major arc.

                                 III. A circle has an infinite number of congruent chords.

                                 IV. Any chord whose length is twice the circle’s radius always passes through the center of the circle; thus, it is known as the circle’s diameter.  

    I, III, and IV

    I, II, and IV

    I, II, and III

    II, III, and IV

  • Q7

    Which of the following statements are TRUE?

    I. The length of theradius of a circle is twice the length of its diameter.

    II. In a circle, a diameter divides thecircle into two semicircles.

    III. The degree measure of a minor arcis less than 180 degrees.

    II and III

    I and II

    I, II and III

    I and III

  • Q8
  • Q9

    Which of the following is NOT an inscribed angle?

    Question Image





  • Q10

    What is the measureof the angle formed by two secants intersecting in the exterior of the circle,if the intercepted arcs measure 2080and 800?






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