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Math 6 Quiz 1 (Q3)

Quiz by Issa Marie Francisco

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10 questions
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  • Q2
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  • Q3
  • Q4
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  • Q6

    Galaxy Comics has a special deal this month. When a customer buys 3 comic books, they receive 2 action figures with their purchase. Juan bought all 9 comic books from his favorite series, The Mighty Master. How many action figures did Juan receive with his purchase?

    7 action figures

    6 action figures

    5 action figures

    8 action figures

  • Q7

    Rick's chore list shows that he is responsible for washing the dishes after dinner this week. Last night, he washed 4 plates in 2 minutes. Tonight, his grandparents are coming to dinner, and Rick will wash 6 plates. If he washes plates at the same rate, how many minutes will it take Rick to wash the plates tonight?

    2 minutes and 30 seconds

    4 minutes

    3 minutes

    3 minutes and 30 seconds

  • Q8

    Mr. Holloway is a craftsman who makes custom guitars by hand. His last order was for 2 guitars, and it took him 8 weeks to make them. He receives an order to make 7 guitars. If he makes the guitars at the same rate, how long will it take Mr. Holloway to make the guitars?

    24 weeks

    22 weeks

    28 weeks

    26 weeks

  • Q9

    Devon completed 5 pull-ups and 27 sit-ups at the gym. What is the ratio of the number of pull-ups to the number of sit-ups Devon completed?

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  • Q10

    In a survey, 23 people said they visited the beach last summer, and 45 people said they did not. What is the ratio of the number of people who visited the beach last summer to the number of people who did not?

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