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Math Review #23

Quiz by Jill King

Grade 4
Virginia Standards of Learning

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Grade 4
Virginia Standards of Learning


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4 questions
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  • Q1
    A store had 5 7/12 yards of fabric. If Tawana purchased 3 5/12 yards of this fabric to make a curtain, how much fabric would the store have left to sell? Write the fraction in simplest form.
    Question Image
    2 1/6
    2 1/12
    8 12/12
  • Q2
    Lisa was tracking the number of miles she biked for two weeks. a) Last week she biked 12 9/10 miles. b) This week she biked 10 1/12 miles. About how many more miles did she bike last week than this week?
    1 mile
    3 miles
    4 miles
    2 miles
  • Q3
    Kamden walked the first 2/5 of a mile and then he ran the rest of the distance. If Kamden completed 1 3/4 miles, how many miles did he run?
    Question Image
    2 3/4
    1 4/5
    1 4/12
    1 7/20
  • Q4
    A family bought 2 pizzas, of equal size, for dinner. The family ate 7/8 of one pizza and 5/8 of the other pizza. How much pizza did the family eat for dinner? Write the answer in simplest form.
    1 1/2

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