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Quiz by Jaya Prabhu

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7 questions
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  • Q1

    p: Shaniwar Wada is in Pune

    q: pagoda is in Mumbai

    r: Panhala is in Kolhapur

    s: Ajanta caves are in Nagpur

    From the above statements, the statement with false value is______





  • Q2

    The truth value of the statement. ‘The cube of an even natural number is even’is________



     neither T or F          

    Depend on value of even number

  • Q3

    1.  Forreal ,from the following the statement with truth value T is _________

    y = tan x  is an oddfunction

     y = tan x represent a straight line

    y = tan x is not periodic function

    y = tan x is an even function

  • Q4

    If p: we play foot ball

         q: we go for cycling

    Then the compound statement ‘either we play foot ballor go for cycling’ is _____

    p\ V\ q

    \sim p\ \Lambda\ q                                                     

    p\ \Lambda\ q

    \sim p\ V\sim q

  • Q5

    1.  If p and q are true and r and s are false, the truth value of  is______

    (a) Both T and F                        (b)  neither Tand F            (c) T             (d) F

    Ans: c

     Both T and F 

    neither T and F 




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