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Maus Chapter 6

Quiz by N Grey13

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  • Q1

    How would you describe Mala and Vladek's relationship at the end of the story? 

    Caring and trusting 

    Angry and frustrated 

    Loving and devoted 

    Bored and forgetful 

  • Q2

    At the end of chapter 6, why does Artie call Vladek a "murderer"? 

    Vladek murdered Anja 

    Vladek burnt memories of Anna 

    Vladek killed someone Artie knew 

    Vladek turned to the Nazis 

  • Q3

    How do Vladek and Anja get captured? 

    A family member tells the Germans about them. 

    The smuggler calls the Gestapo and alerts them 

    A child sees them 

    They get caught with Jewish valuables

  • Q4

    On page 149, Vladek passes some children playing, and they all recognize that he is a Jew and run away in terror. What is this an example of? 

    a childish fear of mice 

    The influenxe of German propoganda 

    Post-traumatic stress disorder 

    normal behaviour 

  • Q5

    Why is Mala crying when Artie walks in the room at the beginning at chapter 6 (p.130)

    She hurt her knee 

    She doesn't fell good 

    She is scared 

    She feels like Vladek doesn't treat her well 

  • Q6

    On page 132 Mala said that Vladek uses paper towels from restrooms so he won't have to buy napkins or tissues. Why does Vladek do this? 

    Vladek won't buy items he thinks Mala wants to use - just to be mean to her. 

    When hiding during the war,  Vladek eats and uses whatever he could find or was given. Vladek continues to act like this way after the war into old age. The war changed Vladek's personality. 

    Vladek is too poor to buy paper products. 

    Vladek thinks Artie should buy his paper towels, napkins, and tissues for him. 

  • Q7

    Why does Artie say Vladek is "like a racist caricature of the miserly old Jew"? 

    All of the above 

    He doesn't like giving Mala money

    He makes Mala weatr Anja's clothes 

    He saaves napkins from restaurants so he doesn't have to buy

  • Q8

    When Vladek took the streetcar, why did he ride in the official car, and not with the Polish people? 

    He didn't like Poles 

    It was cheaper 

    It was more comfortable 

    The Germans paid no attention to Vladek 

  • Q9

    Why does Mrs. Motonowa kick the Spiegelmans out of her house? 

    They were unable to pay her 

    They ate too much 

    She fears the Gestapo will raid her house 

    They were too noisy 

  • Q10

    How does Vladek get out of trouble when the children point at him and scream "A JEW"? 

    He stays and pretends he is not a jew. 

    He confesses but they let him leave. 

    He runs away 

    He begs for their sympathy 

  • Q11

    How would you describe the relationship between Artie and Mala on pages 130-134? 






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