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  • Q1
    1. The structures found by archaeologists in Maya cities like Tikal, built more than 1,000 years ago, are made of
    B. stone.
    D. thatch.
    A. mud.
    C. wood.
  • Q2
    2. Which of these modern countries is in the area where Maya civilization developed and is home to large numbers of Maya today?
    A. Panama
    B. Canada
    C. Guatemala
    D. Chile
  • Q3
    3. What made it possible for the Olmecs and the Maya to create permanent settlements?
    C. metal tools
    A. sailing
    B. farming
    D. wild animals
  • Q4
    4. Maya who lived in many different communities over a wide area shared the same
    D. government.
    C. landscape.
    B. calendar.
    A. army.
  • Q5
    5. One skill that the Maya adapted from the Olmecs was a way to
    A. make tools out of metal.
    D. write by using pictures as symbols.
    B. build carts that had wheels.
    C. use horses or oxen to pull plows.
  • Q6
    6. One group is missing from this social pyramid. What is true for only that group?
    Question Image
    D. They might someday be free.
    A. They read the calendar.
    B. They imported rare products.
    C. They ruled the Maya.
  • Q7
    7. Maya priests led rituals and offered sacrifices. What was another role of the priests?
    D. to conduct long-distance trade
    B. to lead peasant armies
    A. to foretell the future
    C. to carve temple sculptures
  • Q8
    8. Which of these foods was important to the Maya and they used it as money?
    D. cacao beans
    A. beans
    B. squash
    C. sugar
  • Q9
    9. How was the jaguar important to the Maya?
    B. It provided meat for their diet.
    A. Warriors trained it to fight.
    C. It was a feature of their religion.
    D. Peasants wore its fur to keep warm.
  • Q10
    10. What was an important use of the Sacred Round?
    B. to visit other cities for trade
    D. to determine when to plant crops
    A. to choose a bride or groom
    C. to get water for the community
  • Q11
    11. Which agricultural technique did the Maya use to farm in the mountains?
    D. slash-and-burn agriculture
    B. crop rotation
    A. terraces
    C. raised-earth platforms
  • Q12
    12. What was the biggest problem with slash-and-burn agriculture?
    D. It destroyed the temples.
    B. It injured the cattle.
    A. It wore out the soil.
    C. It drained the swamps.
  • Q13
    13. Which time period does this list best describe?
    Question Image
    B. time period B
    C. time period C
    D. time period D
    A. time period A
  • Q14
    14. At which level would you find someone who created murals of Mayan life?
    E. Slaves
    A. Ruler
    C. Merchants and Artisans
    B. Nobles and Priests
    D. Peasants
  • Q15
    15. At which level would you find someone who decided when and with whom to go to war and was known as the halach uinic?
    B. Nobles and Priests
    E. Slaves
    D. Peasants
    A. Ruler
    C. Merchants and Artisans

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