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MCAS Review Questions!

Quiz by Mrs. Viveiros

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78 questions
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  • Q1
    A natural process is represented here: sunlight + carbon dioxide + water --> sugar + oxygen In this natural process, sunlight plus carbon dioxide plus water produce sugar and oxygen. Which of the following processes is represented above?
  • Q2
    The freezing point of nitrous oxide is –91°C. Which of the following statements best describes the effect on the particles in liquid nitrous oxide as its temperature is lowered to –91°C?
    The particles begin to move with a greater force.
    The speed of the particles decreases.
    The motion of the particles becomes more random.
    The particles begin to move in a straight line.
  • Q3
    An illustration of a bacterium is shown. Based on the illustration, which of the following can be concluded about the bacterium?
    Question Image
    It is missing genetic material.
    It is unable to move.
    It is made up of one cell.
    It is the same as a vacuole.
  • Q4
    Which of the following statements best describes the role of gravity in the formation of stars?
    Gravity pushes rocks and dust particles outward from a dense center.
    Gravity cools gases and liquids until they become one solid mass.
    Gravity converts solid matter into gases and light energy.
    Gravity causes gases and dust particles to condense into spheres.
  • Q5
    A student heats two pans of water on a stove using the highest setting. One pan contains 1 L of water and the other pan contains 3 L of water. The student heats each pan until the water boils. Which of the following statements best describes what happens to the water in the pans?
    The 3 L of water absorbs heat more quickly than the 1 L of water.
    The water in both pans boils at the same time.
    The water in both pans boils at the same temperature.
    The 3 L of water gets hotter than the 1 L of water before boiling.
  • Q6
    Warm air masses that rise over Earth’s equator move north or south. This movement is primarily the result of which of the following processes?
  • Q7
    A company is designing a new laptop computer. The computer must not exceed a certain weight. Which of the following is the most likely reason to have a weight restriction for the computer?
    to make it easier to test the prototype
    to reduce the cost of making the computer
    to reduce the cost of building the prototype
    to make it easier to transport the computer
  • Q8
    Which of the following best describes the mass of a solid block of ice?
    the amount of matter in the block
    the amount of space the block takes up
    the distance between the molecules in the block
    the force of gravity acting on the block
  • Q9
    Which of the following statements best describes how the use of interchangeable parts has affected car manufacturing?
    The number of countries producing cars has decreased.
    The efficiency of manufacturing plants has increased.
    The need for custom manufacturing has increased.
    The number of cars produced has decreased.
  • Q10
    Euglena is a single-celled photosynthetic organism. Clover is a multicellular green plant. Which of the following activities is carried out by both euglena and clover?
    producing sex cells for reproduction
    transmitting impulses along nerve pathways
    moving nutrients to specialized tissues
    using light energy to produce sugar
  • Q11
    A species of moth in England has both a light-colored form and a dark-colored form. In the mid-1800s, the percentage of dark-colored moths increased in areas where black soot from factories covered the trees. The soot in these areas has decreased in more recent times as a result of pollution laws. Which of the following statements describes what has most likely happened to the moth populations in these areas?
    The percentage of dark-colored moths in the populations decreased.
    The moth populations migrated south.
    The percentage of light-colored moths in the populations decreased.
    The moth populations went extinct.
  • Q12
    The pictures below show the estimated locations of landmasses on Earth 225 million years ago and their present day locations. Which of the following processes caused the breakup and relocation of the landmasses over time?
    Question Image
    erosion and sedimentation
    volcanic eruptions and weathering
    tectonic plate motion
    strong ocean currents
  • Q13
    The X on the map below shows the location of a physical feature. Which of the following is most likely marked by the X on the map?
    Question Image
    a cliff
    a plain
    a valley
    a river
  • Q14
    The temperature in a classroom is 15°C (59°F). The teacher turns the thermostat to 20°C (68°F) and keeps the door closed. Which of the following statements best describes the change that occurs as the temperature in the room increases to 20°C?
    The room becomes warmer as cold energy is pushed out of the room.
    Cold air molecules collide to generate heat energy.
    The room becomes warmer as heat energy is added to the room.
    Cold energy in the room transforms into heat energy.
  • Q15
    The picture below shows a concrete bridge over a mountain stream in a scenic park. The bridge is designed for people to use to walk from the rock cliff on one side of the stream to the rock cliff on the other side. There are three major types of bridges. Identify the type of bridge shown in the picture.
    Question Image
    cable-stayed bridge
    truss bridge
    suspension bridge
    arch bridge

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