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Medieval Trivia! :)

Quiz by Katherine Silva

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  • Q1
    What is the name of the illness that spread in the 1300s and where was it?
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    Black death/Europe
    Spanish flu/Europe
  • Q2
    What happened to Christianity during this crisis?
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    It stayed the same
    The Church lost power because of some problems they had with the nobles/kings
    Christianity expanded even more towards all Europe and people start to believe in God.
  • Q3
    What was the Great Famine/ the Hundred Years' War?
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    Years were the majority of the people were healthy/war between Greeks and Egyptians
    Years in which a serious shortage happened and lots of people died of starvation/conflict between the kingdoms of England and France
    Years in which were surplus food and people were very happy/time with no wars.
    Years were a European plague took place / a war that lasted 100 years
  • Q4
    What determined the end of medieval times?
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    The fall of the Egyptians
    The fall of Constantinople
    The fall of the Church
    The fall of the Roman Empire
  • Q5
    Which one of these options is not an effect of the Bubonic Plague?
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    Population increased
    People who got the sickness lived shorter lives
    Population decreased
    Everything was affected

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