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Quiz by Kristen Larson

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4 questions
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  • Q1
    The graphic Megalodon Jaws best illustrates which idea from the article?
    Today's sharks are scary, sure.
    His giant teeth and powerful jaws were designed for piercing armor and crushing bone.
    Paleontologists think that Megalodon was over 59 feet long!
    Megalodon probably gave birth to live young in warm water nurseries!
  • Q2
    The illustration Relative Sizes of Megalodon and Great White Shark Teeth supports the comparison made in which part of the selection?
    Paragraph 1
    Paragraph 3
    The title
    Paragraph 2
  • Q3
    The teeth in the illustration at the end of the article serve to emphasize the idea that-
    sharks are predatory hunters
    fossilized shark teeth are commonly found worldwide
    Megalodon was much larger than modern sharks
    shark teeth are designed to slice and pierce
  • Q4
    What is the best summary of the selection?
    Nobody knows how Megalodon grew to be more than 50 feet long. We only know that his teeth and jaws were huge.
    Megalodon competed with other huge sea predators to feed on whales, turtles and other sharks. He had enormous teeth.
    The modern great white shark is only half the size of Megalodon, ancient predator of the Pliocene epoch.
    Megalodon was a huge ancient shark with powerful teeth and jaws. He lived and competed with other predators in ancient seas for over 20 million years. megalodon went extinct as seas cooled.

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