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Men We Reaped

Quiz by Sara Krauss

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24 questions
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  • Q1
    With which place does Jesmyn most identify as "home"?
    Long Beach
    Pass Chirtian
    New Orleans
  • Q2
    Who are Jesmyn's siblings?
    Charine, Demond, Joshua
    Joshua, Nerissa, Charine
    Aldon, Joshua, Nerissa
    CJ, Nerissa, Charine
  • Q3
    Where does Jesmyn complete her undergrad and graduate degrees?
    Berkeley and Harvard
    UCLA and UMASS
    Stanford and Michigan
    NYU and Notre Dame
  • Q4
    After Hurricane Camille, many black folks of the Gulf region flee to?
    New York
  • Q5
    Men We Reaped is taken from a quotation by whom?
    Harriet Tubman
    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
    Frederick Douglass
    Ta Nehisi Coates
  • Q6
    The men who die in this memoir are:
    Roger, Aldon, Demond, Ronald, and Hilton
    Aldon, Joshua, CJ, Roger, and Hilton
    Joshua, Deshawn, Jaden, Aldon, and Roger
    Roger, CJ, Demond, Ronald, and Joshua
  • Q7
    The primary industries in the Gulf area at the time of this story were:
    Casinos and factory work
    Housekeeping and work on oil rigs
    Long haul trucking and teaching
    Factory work and fast food service
  • Q8
    Racism came in to play in America as a way for Thomas Jefferson to:
    Legitimize the slaughter of Iroquois
    Legitimize his ownership of Africans as slaves
    Convince King George that the Americas should be free
    Ratify the Constitution
  • Q9
    The Federalist Papers were created as a means to:
    Convince Native People to move to reservations
    To convince African slaves to mind their masters
    Convince New Yorkers that women should have the right to vote
    Convince New Yorkers to vote to ratify the Constitution
  • Q10
    The primary way in which Americans gain wealth is through?
    Property ownership
    Trading on Wall Street
    Putting money in their savings accounts
    Slave holding
  • Q11
    After WWII, the GI Bill grossly illustrated the division between
    Native People and New European Immigrants
    Women and Men
    White and Black folks
    Wealthy and Poor
  • Q12
    The 13th Amendment intended to abolish slavery, but it had a loop hole which lead to
    Mass incarceration in the 20th century
    Increased police shootings of Black Americans
    Increased domestic abuse of women
    The shrinking of land awarded to Native People
  • Q13
    To Jesmyn Ward, the hole in the woods personifies her feelings of
    Aggression and fear
    Anxiety and anger
    Desire to live in New York
    Depression and worthlessness
  • Q14
    Jesmyn's father left for many reasons, but she summarizes that it is because
    Black men just want to Kung Fu fight
    Black men are disinterested in raising kids
    Black men are inherently unfaithful
    Black men are seeking a dream they cannot obtain
  • Q15
    What are the ways in which the first 4 men in Jesmyn's memoir die?
    Suicide by train, gang fight, stabbing, suicide by hanging
    Police shooting, gang fight, overdose, car accident
    Domestic abuse, stabbing, vicious dog attack, train accident
    Heart attack, train accident, gun shot by drug runners, suicide by gun

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