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Mesopotamia and Egypt Benchmark Review

Quiz by Ellen Masters

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42 questions
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  • Q1
    Which physical feature was vital to the ancient settlers of Egypt and Mesopotamia?
    a hilly area
    in the forest
    a desert
    river valley
  • Q2
    Which of the following best summarizes the relationship between farming and the growth of towns?
    farming competed with hunting and gathering practices
    the development of farming helped establish permanent settlements.
    farming held back development in the arts
    the development of farming led to more hunter-gatherer groups
  • Q3
    How did the yearly flooding of rivers affect the people of Egypt and Mesopotamia?
    it isolated the settlements
    it left silt that improved the soil
    it spread diseases that destroyed whole empires
    it attracted hunters and gatherers looking for wildlife
  • Q4
    Which is the best explanation for why the Mesopotamians built canals?
    They needed a way to worship the gods.
    They needed a way to irrigate the crops.
    They needed a way to control the water levels.
    They needed a way to control the surplus.
  • Q5
    If you were in ancient Sumer, you might see a levee beside a river. Why was the levee built?
    to control workers
    to load barges
    to prevent floods
    to irrigate crops
  • Q6
    Why did the people of Sumer construct moats?
    to protect the cities from attack
    to make villagers work together
    to bring drinking water into towns
    to get crops to grow better
  • Q7
    Which of the following allowed people to make permanent settlements?
    agriculture and the domestication of animals
    tools such as spears, bows, and arrows
    the discovery and use of fire
    new materials such as clay and asphalt
  • Q8
    A trade network is a system of people in different lands who trade goods back and forth. What conclusion can you draw about people who participated in trade networks?
    They opposed the trade networks.
    The feared the trade networks.
    The benefited from the trade networks.
    They were enslaved by the trade networks.
  • Q9
    Which is an example of specialization in ancient Mesopotamia?
    building pyramids
    spreading Confucianism
    silk production
  • Q10
    What is a surplus of food?
    when there is extra food to be stored
    people who wait in line for food
    when not enough rain falls for extra food
    when extra food spoils
  • Q11
    Which factors caused Egypt to trade with their rivals Kush?
    Kush was rich with gold, iron, and leather
    Kush was rich with oil
    Kush was rich with timber, glass, and shells
    Kush was rich with farmland
  • Q12
    Which of the following is a characteristic of life during the Paleolithic era?
    job specialization
    domestication of plants and animals
    hunting and gathering
    surplus of food
  • Q13
    Which of the following is a characteristic of a hunting and gathering society?
    They grew crops.
    They were nomadic.
    They traded with other people.
    They settled in one area.
  • Q14
    Which describes one way that early hunter-gatherers obtained food?
    They used language to organize.
    They used tools to kill animals.
    They harvested grains.
    They grew crops on farms.
  • Q15
    How did people of ancient times make animals more productive?
    they hunted them for food
    they trapped the animals
    they domesticated the animals
    they let them run wild

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