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Mesopotamia Geography and Farming

Quiz by Candace Kennington

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9 questions
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  • Q1
    A ziggurat could be found in all Sumerian/Mesopotamian cities. This most likely indicated which of the following about this civilization?
    Question Image
    religion was important to Mesopotamians and their lives
    the king paid for ziggurats
    Mesopotamians enjoyed building with mud bricks
    many people would climb the ziggurat to view the river
  • Q2
    On the map, Mesopotamia was located in the green area. Another name for this area is...
    Question Image
    Agricultural Curve
    Neolithic Revolution
    Fertile Civilization Sector
    Fertile Crescent
  • Q3
    Which is the best description of the location of Mesopotamia?
    Southwest Asia- an area known as the Middle East-between Asia and Africa and Europe
    North America along the east coast
    Eastern Africa
    Europe- near the Alps
  • Q4
    Other than farming, the rivers were also MOST useful for
    Question Image
    bathing and swimming
    transportation and a food source
    religious rituals
    a geographical barrier against enemies
  • Q5
    Which were NEGATIVE aspects to living in Mesopotamia?
    frequent forest fires which could destroy crops
    occasional long, cold winters which could freeze crops
    drought or flooding depending on the time of year
    all of these
  • Q6
    The area of Mesopotamia was good for farming because of which reason?
    Question Image
    constant source of freshwater from the rivers
    mild, warm climate most of the year
    all of these are true
    rich soil or silt left behind from flooding
  • Q7
    The picture above shows which irrigation feature?
    Question Image
    all of these can be seen
  • Q8
    Which 3 inventions helped the most with agriculture and growing more food?
    Question Image
    sickle, loom, saddle
    plow, sunlight, water
    canals, plow, and metal tools
  • Q9
    Developing systems to move water and to control water was vital to the Mesopotamians. This technology is known as ...
    Question Image
    canal building

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