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Quiz by John Mclinden

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10 questions
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  • Q1

    5% of the American population account for ______% of total healthcare spending; 50% of the population account for ____% of total healthcare spending. 

    50%; 3%

    50%; 50%

    5%; 50%

    10%; 50%

  • Q2

    Charging a differential rate for health insurance premiums based on characteristics such as smoking status, BMI, and age is known as

    Nielsen rating

    Glam rating

    Community rating

    Experience rating

  • Q3

    In 1938, the ______________ successfully challenged and ultimately blocked universal health insurance coverage. 

    American Medical Association

    American Chiropractic Association

    American Physical Therapy Association

    American Insurance Alliance

  • Q4

    The amount a patient/subscriber must pay before their insurance coverage begins is known as a: 

    Out-of-pocket maximum




  • Q5

    A therapist provides 15 minutes of manual therapy (97140) and 20 minutes of ther ex (97110) for a total treatment time of 35 minutes. What can the therapist bill for this visit?

    97110x1, 97140x1

    97110x2, 97140x2

    97110x2 units, 97140 x 1 unit

    97161x1, 97110x1, 97140x1

  • Q6

    Non-maleficence means:

    Not being malicious

    Avoiding malpractice 

    First of all, assess your patient

    Doing no harm

  • Q7

    Updating competency requirements to include "competence with spinal manipulation" as an entry-level skill is an example of:

    Market expansion

    Market shenanigans

    Market diversification

    Market penetration

  • Q8

    What is the major difference between "Direct Supervision" and "Direct Personal Supervision"? 

    Direct personal applies to graduate PT's (GPT's) in all 50 states

    No difference, purely semantics

    Direct personal applies to PTA's in private outpatient settings

    Direct applies to student PT's and PTA's; Direct personal applies to aides

  • Q9

    A patient's DOB is considered protected health information (PHI)

    True or False
  • Q10

    Performing P-ROM on a patient's painful shoulder despite their verbal refusal is consistent with:

    A non-issue; the physician ordered the treatment and wants to avoid a joint contracture





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