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Mexican National Era

Quiz by Shatara Lister

Grade 7
Social Studies
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

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Grade 7
Social Studies
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)


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22 questions
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  • Q1
    Using what you know about eras in Texas History put the eras below in the correct chronological order. I. Age of Contact II. Spanish Colonial III. Natural Texas and its People IV. Mexican National
    I, II, III, IV
    II, IV, I, III
    III, I, II, IV
    IV, III, II, I
  • Q2
    The list below describes expectations of settlers- • limited to 297 settlers • become Catholic • become citizens of their new country • have a good moral character
    in DeWitt’s colony.
    in Spanish Texas.
    in Austin’s colony.
    in Native American tribal lands.
  • Q3
    What role did the Mexican Constitution of 1824 play in the development of Texas?
    It outlawed the Roman Catholic faith practiced by most of the colonists.
    It established the state of Coahuila y Texas that supported a democratic government
    It developed a dictatorship government that elected Santa Anna
    It banned slavery, which colonist needed for cotton production.
  • Q4
    According to the document, from the Connecticut Herald, which of the following people would most likely have considered moving to Texas, why, and how did that influence the settlement of Texas?
    Question Image
    Alexander Frederick is a skilled blacksmith with a thriving shop in Connecticut. He and his family live in a lovely home. His children attend school and his wife is active in their community. Quality free education became a significant reason people settled in Texas.
    John Smith is a farmer on a small farm in Connecticut that he shares with his brother. Their land is not very fertile and farming has been difficult. John wants to grow cotton and start a horse ranch. Farming and ranching became a significant reason for settlement in Texas.
    Lawrence Henry is a bank clerk in New York City. His life’s ambition is to run the biggest bank in the United States. He is well liked by his supervisors and has good prospects in the city. Banking became a significant reason many people settled in Texas.
    Harris Glenn is a thief. He makes his money by robbing banks and stagecoaches. Harris lives with a small band of men that usually commit crimes together. Texas became a safe haven for thieves and bandits during the Mexican National period in Texas.
  • Q5
    Throughout Texas history, many different groups have had unique purposes and methods of settling Texas. The statements below best represent which of the following groups? • Sought good fertile land • Paid inexpensive prices for land • Frontier spirit • Land grants from Mexico • Settlers primarily from the United States
    Native Americans

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