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Mexican National Era (practice)

Quiz by Nicole Mitchell

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30 questions
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  • Q1
    The first families that settled in SFA's colony was later known as...
    Mier y Teran
    Austin's 1st Colony
    The Old Three Hundred
  • Q2
    Who was the 1st Anglo American to get permission to bring settlers to Texas , but he died before he saw his dream come true?
    Juan Seguin
    Stephen F. Austin
    Moses Austin
    Martin De Leon
  • Q3
    What was so appealing about Texas that made Americans want to move there?
    inexpensive land
    they wanted to fight in the war
    freedom of religion
  • Q4
    What is the significance of 1821?
    La Salle was killed by his own men
    The year of the Fredonian Rebellion
    Mexico declared independence from Spain
    Stephen F. Austin was imprisoned in Mexico
  • Q5
    Mexico's independence in 1821 marked the beginning of a period known as the _____ era.
    Mexican National
    Texas Colonial
    Mexican Imperial
    Spanish Colonial
  • Q6
    Mexican native _____ brought more than 100 families from Mexico to Texas.
    Baron de Bastrop
    Lorenzo de Zavala
    Erasmo Seguin
    Marin De Leon
  • Q7
    Mexican National Era ushered in _______________ Colonization
  • Q8
    What was a requirement to settle in Austin's colony based on the Colonization Law of 1825?
    own slaves
    Catholic conversion, moral character, Become a loyal Mexican citizen
    the desire for Texas independence
    Develop friendly relationships
  • Q9
    This is a mission system, what does it represent?
    Question Image
    Anglo method of settlement
    Mexican method of settlement
    Spanish method of settlement
  • Q10
    How did most African Americans come to live in the early Texas settlements?
    Free African Americans bought most of the available land.
    Freed African Americans fled to Texas from Mexico.
    Southern farmers brought enslaved African Americans into Texas.
    Governors in Mexico encouraged African Americans to settle in Texas.
  • Q11
    Who was the only Mexican Empresario in Texas?
    Martin de Leon
    Fray Hidalgo
    Stephen F. Austin
    Erasmo Seguin
  • Q12
    What role did the men in the list play in Texas history? Moses Austin Stephen F. Austin Martin de Leon
    military leaders
  • Q13
    Land grant : Moses Austin :: First Anglo colony : ______
    Stephen F. Austin
    Barron de Bastrop
    Martin De Leon
    Juan Seguin
  • Q14
    What is the impact of Mexico gaining independence?
    Texas was given to Spain
    People rushed from US to Texas for land
    People searched for gold
    Everyone abandoned Texas
  • Q15
    What was something that Jose Gutierrez de Lara wanted?
    Independence from Spain
    Stay out of conflict
    To stay loyal to Spain
    To declare war on Mexico

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