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Mexican-American War

Quiz by Shelby Friedrich

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14 questions
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  • Q1
    What ended the Mexican-American War?
    US giving up
    Bear Flag Revolt
    Gadsden Purchase
    Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
  • Q2
    Who won the Alamo?
    There was a truce
  • Q3
    Why did the US Presidents before Polk not want to add Texas to the Union?
    They didn't want more Free States
    They didn't want to upset the balance of Free vs. Slave States
    They didn't want more land
  • Q4
    Why did Texas joining the Union make Mexico mad?
    They wanted to go to war
    They felt it should belong to Spain
    They felt it should belong to Europe
    They felt it was "stolen" from them
  • Q5
    Texas was annexed. What does annexation mean?
    taking away
  • Q6
    What was a major cause of the Mexican-American War?
    Texas being taken away from the US
    territorial dispute
  • Q7
    Why did the Mexicans attack US troops?
    The US attacked the Mexicans first
    The Mexicans felt that the disputed territory was theirs and the US wouldn't leave
    The Mexicans wanted to take on President Polk
  • Q8
    Why did Congress declare war on Mexico?
    Americans wanted to take back California
    Americans wanted to take back Texas
    Americans felt that the Mexicans attacked them on their lands
  • Q9
    What US General helped Californians who had already declared their independence from Mexico?
    Stephen Kearney
    President Polk
    Winfield Scott
    George Washington
  • Q10
    What is the land called that the US received in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo?
    No clue
    Gadsden Purchase
    Louisiana Purchase
    Mexican Cession
  • Q11
    What was the recognized border of the US and Mexico AFTER the war?
    The Nueces River
    Rio Grande
    There was no recognized border after the war
  • Q12
    What US General surprised Mexican troops and defeated them after the Alamo?
    Sam Houston
    Zachary Taylor
    President Polk
    Santa Anna
  • Q13
    How does Manifest Destiny play a role in the Mexican-American War?
    Europe wanted to take all of America's land
    The US wanted to take all the land for themselves
    Mexico felt that they deserved all of the US land
  • Q14
    Which one is obviously better? Canes or Chick-fil-A (According to Ms.Friedrich )

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