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  • Q1
    1. What is the central idea of the article?
    A. Michael Jordan inspired many through his skills and talents on the basketball court.
    D. Michael Jordan succeeded through failure after adopting the attitude that avoiding risks can lead to success.
    B. Michael Jordan inspired many through his message that failure is not necessary for success.
    C. Michael Jordan succeeded through failure after adopting the attitude that failure can lead to success.
  • Q2
    2. Which detail from the article best demonstrates the connection between success and failure?
    B. "The story of Michael Jordan not making his high school team has been told and retold, but continues to inspire with each retelling." (Paragraph 4)
    C. The changes paid off. The team finished the 2013-2014 season with a winning record of 43-39, the second best year in the history of the franchise.
    A. "Twenty-six times, I've been trusted to take the game-winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed." (Paragraph 2)
    D. "It is often hard for people to admit that they won't be good at something new." (Paragraph 18)
  • Q3
    3. Which detail would be most important to include in a summary of this text?
    D. "Fear of public speaking is a good example. Yet glossophobia, the technical term for speech anxiety, is consistently ranked among the most prevalent disorders." (Paragraph 9)
    A. "The ball is in or it's out, the basket is made or missed, the game is won or lost." (Paragraph 3)
    C. "After picking himself up off the floor, Jordan did what champions do. He let his failure and disappointment drive him to be better." (Paragraph 7)
    B. "The reasoning behind the choice wasn't that Jordan didn't have enough talent or hadn't already distinguished himself as an outstanding player." (Paragraph 5)
  • Q4
    4. Which of the following best describes how the author develops the connection between success and failure in the article?
    C. The author highlights key events in Michael Jordan's basketball career to show how moments of failure or rejection pushed him harder.
    B. The author reports statistics from Michael Jordan's basketball record both a success and a failure at the sport.
    D. The author describes what happened at Michael Jordan's junior varsity games to show how he used missed opportunities to push him harder.
    A. The author establishes Michael Jordan as a successful player due to long hours of practices and pure talent and skill.

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