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Mid Term Review

Quiz by Debbie Turner

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  • Q1
    The 13 English Colonies were bordered on the west by the Appalachian Mountains and on the east by the
    Rocky Mountains
    Atlantic Ocean
    Pacific Ocean
    Mississippi River
  • Q2
    One result following the French and Indian War was
    colonial citizens were banned from crossing and settling in the Ohio River Valley region
    Florida was added as a colony
    America gained its independence
    France defeated the British
  • Q3
    This group favored the addition of a bill of rights to the Constitution
    Democratic Republicans
  • Q4
    Great Britain responded to colonial protests by
    meeting with colonials and discussing peaceful options
    enacting stict laws and severe punishments
    declaring war on the colonies
    hanging protestors
  • Q5
    All of the following are examples of self-rule EXCEPT
    Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
    House of Burgesses
    New York House of Commons
    Mayflower Compact
  • Q6
    Fertile soil, cash crops, and ___________________are primary components to Triangular Trade.
    Mississippi River
    Enslaved Africans
    Pacific Ocean
    European Immigrants
  • Q7
    Federalism is both the division of power and the sharing of power between
    Executive and Legislative Branches
    Judiciary and Legislative Branches
    State and Local Governments
    Federal and State Governments
  • Q8
    The Great Compromise
    allowed for equal representation in both houses
    favored small states
    came as a compromise to the Virginia and Rhode Island Plans
    had two houses of Congress ; one based on population and the other equal in representation
  • Q9
    The political party which emerged from the idea of big government was
    Democratic Republican Party
    the Federalist Party
  • Q10
    What was the major factor in the conquering of the New World by the Conquistadors?
    religious oppression
    European diseases
    guns and horses
    superior naval fleet
  • Q11
    Early colonies to the New World were positioned by
    bodies of water
    fertile land
    landforms which provided shelter and protection
    moderate, favorable climates
  • Q12
    Early Enlightenment thinkers like John Locke suggested government was a social contract between the ruler and
    the nobels
    the people
  • Q13
    This system allowed for the admission of new states.
    Land Ordinance
    7th Amendment
    Virginia & Kentucky Resolutions
    Northwest Ordinance
  • Q14
    Which of the following was NOT an idea supported by Montesquieu regarding the prevention of tyranny by the government?
    Checks and Balances
    Divine Right of Kings
    Separation of Powers
  • Q15
    Loyalists were committed to serving the King and demonstrating their loyalty to the crown during the American Revolution.

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