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Mid Year Review

Quiz by kelly estes

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32 questions
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  • Q1
    What artifact would an archaeologist most likely find in Powhatan's former headquarters?
  • Q2
    Why did the English settle at the colony of Jamestown?
    the English hope to find bronze and gold in America
    the English hoped to find silver and gold in America
    the English hoped to find silver and bronze in America
    the English hoped to find bronze and rubies in America
  • Q3
    Economic venture was the primary reason for English colonization of-
  • Q4
    The arrival of Africans in Jamestown made it possible for settlers to-
    expand the tobacco economy and cultivate the land for crops at a faster rate
    establish home and families
    develop and new government and get married
  • Q5
    The arrival of additional ________________ in 1620 made it possible for more setters to start families, whichhelped to extablish Jamestown as a permanent colony in VA.
    English men
    African women
    English women
    African men
  • Q6
    What changes happened as a result of the settlers' survival?
    limited drinking water
    arrival of supply ships, forced work programs, emphasis on agriculture, strong leadership
    minimal working skills
  • Q7
    Why was Powhatan important to VA's history?
    he started trade relationships between the native peoples and settlers
    he helped the native peoples and the English communicate
    he taught the settlers survival skills
    he taught the settlers how to plant tobacco
  • Q8
    What was the effect of the English grew and expanded in VA?
    American Indians felt hopeful that trading would increase with the settlers
    American Indians felt excited for the new relationships that they were making with the settlers
    American Indians felt uneasy due to the amount of land the English were taking
    American Indians felt satisfied because the settlers could now grow their own food
  • Q9
    The name Richmond reflects the language of which cultural group?
    American Indian
  • Q10
    Identify the African American who served as a spy for the Continental Army during the American Revolution.
    James Lafayette
    Marquizs de Lafayette
    George Washington
    Patrick Henry
  • Q11
    Thomas Jefferson made which statement?
    The British are coming
    All men are created equal
    Give me Liberty or give me death
    No taxation n without representation
  • Q12
    What was the last significant military battle involving British forces and the Continental Army?
    Battle of Yorktown
    Battles of Lexington and Concord
    Battle of Saratoga
    Battle of Bunker Hill
  • Q13
    Which characteristics describe VA's Piedmont region?
    flat land, east of the fall line
    rolling hills, west of the fall line
    source of many rivers, old mountains
  • Q14
    Which VA region is located directly west of the natural border in VA?
    Valley and Ridge
    Blue Ridge Mountains
  • Q15
    What title was given to James Madison?
    Father of Our County
    Father of Our Declaration
    Father of Our Constitution
    Father of Our Presidents

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