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Middle Ages

Quiz by Robert Rhodes

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31 questions
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  • Q1
    Why was Charlemagne an important figure to medieval Europe?
    He united much of Medieval Europe.
    He stopped the spread of Islam into Spain.
    He invaded England during 1066.
    His power was greater than that of the Catholic Church.
  • Q2
    This doument listed the rights of the all citizens.
    Declaration of Independence
    Treaty of Versailles
    Magna Carta
  • Q3
    The most famous and respected Muslim leader, who created a peace treaty with Christians during the Crusades.
    Joan of Arc
  • Q4
    Why was the Magna Carta significant?
    gave freedom to all serfs
    increased the power of the Church
    limited the king's power
    took land away from nobles to give to the poor
  • Q5
    What was the court used in Spain to persecute Jews and Muslims?

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