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Middle Ages Europe Test Review

Quiz by Tracee Simpson

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17 questions
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  • Q1
    1) The Crusades were a series of “holy wars” launched by
    European Christians against Jews
    Muslims against Christians
    European Christians against Muslims
    Byzantine Christians against Jews
  • Q2
    2) Medieval cities were
    d. full of advanced systems for managing sewage, and light.
    b. dirty and often unhealthy places.
    c. planned to allow plenty of space between buildings.
    a. run democratically by all people.
  • Q3
    3) In England the Magna Carta did what?
    gave king unlimited power
    limited the power of the pope
    limited the power of the king
    split power between king and pope
  • Q4
    4) Charlemagne believed in
    advancing education for his people.
    the pope’s power to choose the emperor.
    excommunication for heretics.
    running the government on his own.
  • Q5
    5) How did the Black Death affect Europe’s economy?
    It strengthened the feudal system.
    Wages rose and trade declined.
    Food prices soared.
    The land became overcrowded.
  • Q6
    6) Who followed a simpler, more spiritual way of life through worshiping, praying, and farming?
    Christian monks
  • Q7
    7) During which Crusade did the Muslims recapture Jerusalem?
  • Q8
    8) What was the Hundred Years’ War?
    a civil war over territories in Germany
    a series of revolts by serfs
    a war between England and France over French lands
    the battle against the plague
  • Q9
    9) Where did the Franks settle?
    in what is now France
    in what is now Britiain
    in what is now Russia
    in what is now Germany
  • Q10
    10) Which of the following was a feature of Gothic cathedrals?
    stained glass windows
    flat roof
    thick walls
    rounded ceilngs
  • Q11
    11) Serfs were feudal peasants who
    could not own land, or leave the manor without approval
    were enslaved and made to work on large estates
    worked part of the year on farms and part in towns
    owned land and could hire servants to work for them
  • Q12
    12) Who was Charlemagne?
    an Anglo Saxon ruler
    the leader of Muslim Spain
    a pope who favored church reforms
    crowned the Holy Roman Emperor
  • Q13
    13) How did feudalism affect the lives of the nobility?
    Lords and knights were loyal to the monarch and provided protection.
    The system elevated the serfs to a level equal to lords.
    Monarchs could not build their own manor houses.
    The monarchs established guilds to help serfs.
  • Q14
    14) Why did Emperor Alexius ask Pope Urban II for help?
    He needed Christian knights to help fight against the Turks.
    He wanted to defeat the Byzantine Empire.
    He hoped to invade England and defeat William the Conqueror.
    He wanted to change the name of Judea to Palestine.
  • Q15
    15) Which best summarizes the manor system?
    Serfs farmed lands owned by lords.
    Lords gave land to peasants for them to farm.
    Lords gave fiefs to knights in exchange for protection.
    Vassals pledged loyalty to one or more lords

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