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Middle Ages & Medieval Europe

Quiz by Staff.Jon Altmann

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20 questions
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  • Q1
    The lord-vassal relationship (complete the statement)
    Question Image
    was between knights who served the king and the king himself
    required military service by the vassal
    was based on chivalry
    was a written agreement
  • Q2
    The medieval infidels were
    Question Image
  • Q3
    King Henry II had what great accomplishment?
    Question Image
    defeated the Vikings
    had eight wives
    expanded the royal courts and instituted common law
    won the Battle of Hastings
  • Q4
    Antisemitism became more obvious for the first time during
    Question Image
    the Great Famine that Jews were killing the crops
    the rise of new monarchies
    the Black Plague directed by Catholic popes to spread the disease to kill infidels
    the late Middle Ages with rumors that Jews were causing the Black Death
  • Q5
    A grant of land made to a vassal was
    Question Image
    called a fief.
    rarely done.
    called a serfdom.
    a gift by the noble for a great harvest.
  • Q6
    What cultural change during the Middles Ages allowed more people to enjoy literature and plays?
    Question Image
    The decline of feudalism meant that more peasants had spare time available for reading.
    The adventure of the Crusades provided lots of inspiration for writers.
    As more literature was written in the vernacular, as opposed to Latin, more people could read or understand them.
    Large numbers of people began to study at the universities and learn about the classics.
  • Q7
    Fill-in the blank: The chief aim of ________ was to harmonize Christian teachings with the works of the Greek philosophers
    St. Francis of Assisi
    the chanson de geste
  • Q8
    As the First Crusade was beginning, Pope Urban II promised
    Question Image
    no one in the Crusade would be killed.
    those who fought well would become saints.
    all Crusaders would be well paid by the papacy.
    should anyone who goes to battle for the Holy Land dies in the effort, their sins would be instantly forgiven.
  • Q9
    The city that Muslims and Christians most wanted to control was
    Question Image
  • Q10
    Troubadour poetry was usually about
    Question Image
    people travelling on pilgrimage
    the real pain and pleasure of love
    the love of a knight for a lady and how she inspired him to become a better knight and poet
    the brave actions of knights fighting in battle
  • Q11
    The Fourth Crusade started by Pope Innocent III was
    Question Image
    a great failure and defeat for the Muslims.
    finally chased the Muslims back to Mecca.
    really about a power grab by the Venetian leaders to weaken Constantinople's importance as a trading center.
    resulted in a great success by the Byzantines.
  • Q12
    Joan of Arc brought the Hundred Years War to a decisive turning point by
    by getting Scandinavian Vikings to help the French
    praying for a great flood that killed many English soldiers.
    inspiring the French with her faith.
    spying on the English armies.
  • Q13
    King Louis XI made the French monarchy strong by
    giving women an equal voice in the government
    defeating the Englilsh at the Battle of Hastings
    creating a taille to have money to govern
    making Catholicism the only religion in France
  • Q14
    What architectual style is associated with ribbed vaults, pointed arches and reaching skyward?
  • Q15
    What were Europe's main medieval trading centers?
    Question Image
    Venice and Flanders
    Hastings and Venice
    Venice and Constantinople
    Venice and Sicily

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