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Middle Ages Test Review

Quiz by Melissa Cahill

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28 questions
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  • Q1
    Which is the best description of the feudal system of Europe in the Middle Ages?
    Economic system which ordered who farmed what crops.
    Caste system so the people in that time know where they belong in society
    System in which the serfs provided fiefs & protection for others in the manor
    Hierarchical, political system based on reciprocal obligations and allegiances.
  • Q2
    What is the most accurate description of the basic relationships under feudalism?
    Kings granted land to serfs, who farmed it and protected the lords who administered the food supply.
    Kings granted land to local lords, who administered it and protected serfs, who farmed it.
    Lords granted land to serfs, who farmed it and protected the king, who supplied food to the lords.
    Serfs protected the king, who granted them land in return for feeding the lords.
  • Q3
    Which best describes the medieval manor?
    a cruel factory where wealthy capitalists acquire huge sums of money by exploiting their workers
    Center of social life, source of protection, and necessary goods. Primarily an economic system dealing with the noble and his peasants.
    a government-controlled farm where people work to feed the nation’s military men
    a workplace between Monday and Friday where some people can make money with hard work
  • Q4
    Who held the highest social position on an estate in medieval Europe?
    a lord
    a knight
    a vassal
    a serf
  • Q5
    Who were the people that did most of the work on the medieval estate?
  • Q6
    Why did feudalism begin in Western Europe?
    to allow the people to take control
    to give control to the king
    to allow merchants to trade
    to protect the people from invaders
  • Q7
    Abuses of royal power by King John of England prompted barons to action. Which of the following documents best describes the result of action against King John I in 1215?
    Book of Kells
    The English Bill of Rights
    The Magna Carta
    The Declaration of Independcence
  • Q8
    The Magna Carta contributed to the development of what?
    absolute monarchy
    colonies in the New World
    ethnic rivalries
    representative democracy
  • Q9
    The Crusades originated as a way to do what?
    Weaken the power of the monarchy.
    Convert people to become Christians.
    Expand trade and gain wealth.
    Recapture Jerusalem from Muslim rule.
  • Q10
    Which was a result of the Crusades?
    increased cooperation between Muslims and Christians
    weakened the power of European serfs, peasants and slaves
    increased power for the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church
    new interactions between people with different ideas and products that expanded trade
  • Q11
    Which best describes the Crusades?
    Series of wars that lasted over several centuries, in different regions.
    Travel routes taken by people in the Middle Ages.
    Group of people who traveled and traded across Europe.
    Single war against the Muslims in which the holy land was regained.
  • Q12
    Education was limited to people living in medieval Europe. Which institution(s) would best describe where scholarly learning was concentrated in medieval Europe?
    in old Roman towns that were not attacked by barbarians
    with Church scholars in monasteries
    with Muslim schools established to educate the nobility
    in war colleges held during the Crusades
  • Q13
    The works of medieval scholars led to the rise of what organizations?
  • Q14
    With the fall of the Roman Empire what happened with the Catholic Church?
    The Church lost influence and began to fall.
    It became the greatest source of stability, self-identification, and order.
    Church leaders would only involve themselves in spiritual activities.
    The Church began encouraging individuals to question authority.
  • Q15
    During the European Middle Ages, which of the following served as a unifying force throughout Europe?
    the manorial system
    the feudal system
    the Catholic Church
    the Reformation

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