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Middle East Govt/Econ/Pop

Quiz by Kristina Grubbs

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21 questions
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  • Q1
    Which Middle Eastern countries have a Parliamentary Democracy?
    Saudi Arabia and Iran
    Turkey and Iran
    Israel and Saudi Arabia
    Israel and Turkey
  • Q2
    What kind of govt does Saudi Arabia have?
    constitutional monarchy
    absolute monarchy
    parliamentary democracy
  • Q3
    Iran has a govt that is based on its religion, with the religious leader having the most power. What kind of govt is this?
    religious democracy
  • Q4
    Which Middle Eastern countries give the govt leader more power than the religious leader?
    Israel and Saudi Arabia
    Saudi Arabia and Turkey
    Turkey and Israel
    Turkey and Iran
  • Q5
    Which Middle Eastern county has a govt leader who is also the head of the religion?
    Saudi Arabia
  • Q6
    Who has the most power in Iran?
    citizens by voting
    Supreme Leader - head of religion
    President - head of govt
    National Assembly - legislative branch
  • Q7
    In some Middle Eastern countries, including Iran and Saudi Arabia, most of the people are Muslim and their laws, rights, freedoms, and govt and economic decisions are based on their religious beliefs. These countries follow _________.
    Jewish customs and traditions
    Arab customs and traditions
    Islamic Law
    basic human rights
  • Q8
    Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Iran all have what kind of economy?
    mixed command
    mixed market
  • Q9
    Israel doesn't specialize in anything and produces many different things, keeping their economy strong and keeping them from relying too much on one industry. Because of this their economy is ________________.
    the weakest economy in the Middle East
    the most diverse economy in the Middle East
    the most dependent on oil
    the most limited economy in the Middle East
  • Q10
    Israel is disliked by many of its neighbors and its population is growing very quickly. These are both big problems for the economy in Israel. This means the biggest problems facing Israel's economy are ______________.
    national security and water shortages
    national security and immigration
    immigration and droughts
    lack of oil and not enough water
  • Q11
    What natural resource are many Middle Eastern economies based on?
  • Q12
    In the Middle East a lot of countries didn't invest in human capital, so people have little education or skills training. This makes it difficult for them to get good jobs. Which of these is a result of this?
    many oil companies are leaving the Middle East in search of oil form countries with a skilled workforce
    about 1/3 of Saudi Arabia's roads are not paved
    many women are unable to work, because Islamic law says they can't do certain jobs
    about 1/3 of Saudi Arabia's jobs go to foreign workers, especially in the oil industry
  • Q13
    Until recently Turkey was trying to join the European Union. This was possible because although most of Turkey is in Asia, a small part is in Europe. Even though many Middle Eastern countries have high GDP's due to oil, most citizens don't have as high a standard of living as many countries in Western Europe, where the average income is much higher than SW Asian country's. Which of these is a result of this?
    Turkey doesn't trade very much with anyone
    Turkey does most of their trade with western Europe
    Turkey does most of their trade with countries in SW Asia
    Turkey does most of their trade with Africa and the Americas
  • Q14
    What does OPEC stand for?
    Oldest Petroleum Exporting Companies
    Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
    Organized Petroleum Exporting Commanders
    Optional Petroleum Exporter Companies
  • Q15
    What does OPEC do?
    determines how much oil all oil producing countries can sell each year
    determines how much oil its member countries produce and sell each year
    set the price of gasoline for its member countries
    determines who is allowed to sell oil and who isn't

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