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Middle Passage

Quiz by Anser Pierre Louis

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  • Q1
    Once Africans boarded the slave ships for the journey to the Americas, what percentage did not survive the six to eight week voyage?
  • Q2
    The middle passage was apart of what trading system
    Triangular Trade
    Square Trade
    Gold Mine Trade
    African Trade
  • Q3
    Which European country took the lead in the exploration and colonization of Africa, Asia, and the Americas in the early 1400s?
    D) Switzerland
    C) England
    B) France
  • Q4
    Why did Europeans need labor from Africa for their colonies in the Americas?
    D) Native Americans relocated to Europe for survival.
    C) Europeans avoided Native American people and did not seek their labor.
    A). Native Americans quickly began to die in huge numbers from European diseases.
    B) Native Americans refused to be captured or work as slaves in fields or mines.
  • Q5
    What is the Middle Passage?
    European slave trade with the Americas
    European slave trade with India
    Water Route Through North America
    European Slave trade with North America
  • Q6
    When slaves were loaded onto boats to be taken and sold, this part of the triangular trade route was called what?
    the American Passage
    the African Passage
    the Lower Passage
    Middle Passage
  • Q7
    One effect of the slave trade on African societies was...
    decreased population in some areas.
    decreased warfare.
    flourishing of art & culture.
    transfer of European political ideas.
  • Q8
    According to both the slave ship doctor (Falconbridge) and the former slave (Equiano), what happened to slaves who refused to eat?
    They starved to death & avoided working in America
    They were mercilessly punished (burned or beaten)
    They were given twice as much to eat the next day
    They were thrown overboard to the sharks
  • Q9
    Which of these details does the slave ship doctor (Falconbridge) tell that the former slave (Equiano) leaves out?
    Slaves were tied or shackled to each other in groupsImage
    Slaves who refused to eat were punished
    The slave ships smelled very awful (loathsome or disgusting)
    The disease that killed many slaves was called the flux
  • Q10
    Which of the following was a major reason for the flow of the transatlantic slave trade shown on the map? Image
    Question Image
    The economic demands of the plantation system
    Increased textile manufacturing
    Increased western migration
    The construction needs of the railroad
  • Q11
    How were the conditions of the slave boats during the Middle Passage?
    The conditions were dirty and unsanitary for the slaves
    The lodgings were clean and sanitary for the slaves
    The slaves were well fed and clothed
    All of the above
  • Q12
    Once captured the people taken were treated like property and deprived of all human dignity. This is an example of ...
  • Q13
    Owning of human beings as property able to be bought, sold, given, and inherited, is known as.....
    Free trade
    Indentured Servants
    Chattel slavery
  • Q14
    Why were Africans captured and forced to work in the Americas?
    to share riches and wealth with them
    to spread Christianity
    to provide more workers for the plantations
    to give them diseases
  • Q15
    What happen to the slaves when they got to the markets?
    Traded or sold for goods
    Packed on ships
    Chained and Whipped

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