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Midterm APUSH

Quiz by Adonis Valle

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  • Q1

    Which of these Regions were known for a lack of natural resources?

    Question Image

    Eastern woodlawn and Northwest coast

    Eastern woodlawn and South west

    Great Basin and Great Plains

    Caribbean and Great Plains

  • Q2

    What was introduced to the Great Plains by Europeans that allowed natives to focus on hunting buffalo.

    Question Image



    Mr. Valle's buffalo wings

    Bear Traps

  • Q3

    What is the image representing.

    Question Image

    The Spanish Caste System

    Southern Population

    The Indian Caste System

    Northern Population

  • Q4

    During the early 1700s how did Great Britain treat the American colonies?

    The king lived in the Americas, thus it was a second Britain

    They were controlling of the colonies

    They just taxed them

    They treated them with indifference, thus they were independent.

  • Q5

    As the british colonist expanded west what issues arose?

    A duel between Hamilton and Aaron Burr

    fights between colonists and Natives

    Lack of food

    Fights between colonists over land

  • Q6

    Who could participate in the Puritan system of governance?

    People who owned property


    Mr. Valle's favorite students

    The top religious figures

  • Q7

    What did American Christians practice in the hopes of spreading their gospel?

    Catholic Evangelism

    Building huge cathedrals to attract people into their sermons

    Protestan Evangelism

    Handing out flyers

  • Q8

    What is Mercantilism?

    Mother Country could only trade with its colonies

    Trading with everyone

    Colonies could only trade with other colonies.

    Colonies could only trade with their mother country.

  • Q9

    What did the letters from a farmer criticize?

    American taxes

    Mr. Valle's Kahoot

    British taxes on American colonies

    The quartering of British troops

  • Q10

    Who were the victors of the French-American war? (Seven year's war)




    Native Americans

  • Q11

    The events of the Boston Massacre were exaggerated and used as propaganda to paint the British as willing to shoot Innocents

    True or False
  • Q12

    Was the topic of slavery important in the constitutional convention?

    It wasn't as it was downplayed

    It was as Hamilton tried to eradicate it.

    It wasn't as Jefferson tried to make it permanent

    It was important as they tried to resolve to prevent further issues.

  • Q13

    Which of the following did John Locke Propose?

    He Proposed that people would elect their representatives every two years.

    He proposed that the states should select their representatives

    Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness is integral to the government

    To cancel the midterm tomorrow and give everyone 100s

  • Q14

    What did anti-federalist fear about the constitution?

    State's rights

    The tyranny of the majority.

    A weak central government

    A strong central government

  • Q15

    What made Washington warn about parties.

    The divide that was created when the US had to decide wheter to aid France.

    He liked parties and didn't warn against it.

    He wanted to prevent people from leaving his party

    He disliked the way Jefferson and Hamilton bickered.


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