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Midterm Exam in General Biology 2

Quiz by Cecille Delgado

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50 questions
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  • Q1

    Through genetic engineering, scientists developed a new technology that combines two different fragments of DNA from two different organisms to create new targeted trait, what is this new technology?

    Genetic Engineering

    Spliced Gene Technique

    DNA recombinant technology

    Genetics Cut

  • Q2

    The process of changing or altering the genes maybe summarized in four basic steps, which among the following steps come first?

    Cut the specific part of the DNA through a special enzyme

    Introduce the new formed DNA to the host cell

    Combine the DNA from two different sources

    Isolate the DNA from the cell and identify the target part of the DNA

  • Q3

    The second basic step to genetic engineering is:

    Target the special gene of interest and dissolve in saltwater

    Target specific part of the DNA and let RNA translates it

    Target the specific part of the DNA to be cut bya specialized enzyme

    Target specific part of the DNA and cut it into three

  • Q4

    The third basic step in genetic engineering is the process of combining fragments of DNA from different sources, this process may also be called:

    Gene combination

    Gene splicing

    Gene therapy

    Gene recombination

  • Q5

    Once the new DNA, is formed, which is a combination of fragments of DNA from different sources, it is already termed as:

    Recombinant DNA

    Genetically modified cell

    DNA molecule

    Organic Compound

  • Q6

    Lastly, the new DNA produced through genetic engineering will be introduced to a host cell to see how it will code for a new protein. What concept in biology is highlighted in this step?

    Law of inheritance

    Central Dogma of Molecular Biology

    Law of conservation of energy

    Central Atom of Molecules

  • Q7

    Living cells follow a specific hierarchy of command in directing the traits of the individual. What will happen to the new individual cell as a new engineered DNA was introduced to it?

    It will be destroyed as a new load of information is unhealthy.

    It will function according to the new set of codes from the DNA.

    It will try to mimic its environment in order to survive.

    It will have a different shape to adjust to the new code

  • Q8

    What application of Recombinant DNA technology is used by farmers in order to produce a better yield in crops, a better quality of crops, and easier pest control?



    Medical Advancement


  • Q9

    In the field of medical advancement, one of the earliest developments in the field recombinant DNA technology is the production of _______, which is mainly used in the treatment of diabetes.



    Flvr-Svr Tomato


  • Q10

    What bacteria is an alternative for rennet which is used in the cheese production industry?


    Bacillus thuringiensis

    Cheese Agar

    Aspergillus oryzae

  • Q11

    What mold is also known as kojic mold which is genetically improved to be used in enhanced production of kojic acid which has many applications in the cosmetics and beauty industry?

    Aspergillys oryzae

    Cheese mold


    Bacillus thuringiensis

  • Q12

    Name the era, which is divided into three periods, and is considered as the age of reptiles.





  • Q13

    The period on a geologic time scale which is considered as the explosion of life:





  • Q14

    The current epoch upon which organisms of the earth are living.:





  • Q15

    Which among the following best describes the Cenozoic era?

    Age of bacterium

    Age of reptiles

    Age of invertebrates

    Age of mammals


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