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Quiz by Jaissa Mairick Acuna

Grade 11-12
Media and Information Literacy
Philippines Curriculum: SHS Core Subjects (MELC)

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50 questions
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  • Q1
    The essential skills and competencies that allow individuals to engage with media and other information providers effectively as well as develop critical thinking and life-long learning skills to socialize and become active citizens.
    technology literacy
    media and information literacy
    information literacy
    media literacy
  • Q2
    Find the best answer: A person that is media literate can:
    Critically evaluate television programs and see through persuasion techniques
    Use and find information of all types in a university library, including computer sources, microfilm and indexes/abstracts
    Read, analyze and critically evaluate information presented in a variety of formats (TV, print, radio, computers, etc.)
    Easily use all types of computer hardware and software and other forms of new technology
  • Q3
    Which of the following is an advantage of a media and information literate individual?
    The ability to locate information everywhere regardless of the authority of the source
    The ability to use different media platforms to spread inaccurate information
    . The ability to access all sites he wishes to
    The ability to access the validity of information prior to sharing on social media
  • Q4
    When Mr. Tee Koi, a Chinese teacher uses Smart TV in presenting his lesson. He noticed that the students are more attentive rather than the traditional teaching he is used to. What kind of literacy did he acquired?
    Technology Literacy
    Computer Literacy
    Media Literacy
    Information Literacy
  • Q5
    It is the age when people discovered fire and developed paper from plants.
    Information Age
    Pre-industrial Age
    Electronic Age
    Industrial Age

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