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  • Q1

    Instructions: Each question in this section is a multiple-choice question with answer choices. Read each question-and-answer choice carefully and choose the ONE best answer.

    You receive a call from a customer who explains they are in the process of moving into a new home. They already have ADT services, but would like to transfer the services to their new place.

    How would you handle this call?

    Transfer the call to the New Acquisition department

    Transfer the call to the Relocation department

    Transfer the call to the Customer Service Group

    Assist the customer with transferring their services

  • Q2

    2. A customer calls and explains he has just moved into a new home. He has never been an ADT customer, but there is already ADT equipment in the home. He would like to start services.

    Which type of sale is described in the above scenario?

    Cyber Security Sale


    Relocation Sale

    Existing Customer Sale

  • Q3

    3. A customer calls in and states “I am having trouble with my panel. I am not sure if I am doing something wrong or if it is broken.”

    How would you proceed?

    Transfer the call to Technical Assistance

    Transfer the call to the ADT Helpdesk

    Schedule a Service Tech

    Troubleshoot the equipment for the customer

  • Q4

    4. You are completing a sale for your customer, when you realize the system is not allowing you to schedule an installation.

    Which department will you call for assistance with scheduling the installation?

    Field Support Center (SSO)

    Technical Assistance (TAS)

    Field Operations Support Center (FOSC)

    ADT Helpdesk

  • Q5

    5. A customer calls in and explains they are not happy with their ADT Services and would like to cancel.

    How would you proceed?

    Transfer to Customer Service Group (CSG)

    Cancel the services per the customer’s request

    Transfer to Account Management (AM) 

    Offer a discount so they will not cancel


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