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25 questions
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  • Q1

    Instructions: Each question in this section is a multiple-choice question with answer choices. Read each question-and-answer choice carefully and choose the ONE best answer.

    You receive a call from a customer who explains they are in the process of moving into a new home. They already have ADT services, but would like to transfer the services to their new place.

    How would you handle this call?

    Transfer the call to the New Acquisition department

    Transfer the call to the Relocation department

    Transfer the call to the Customer Service Group

    Assist the customer with transferring their services

  • Q2

    2. A customer calls and explains he has just moved into a new home. He has never been an ADT customer, but there is already ADT equipment in the home. He would like to start services.

    Which type of sale is described in the above scenario?

    Cyber Security Sale


    Relocation Sale

    Existing Customer Sale

  • Q3

    3. A customer calls in and states “I am having trouble with my panel. I am not sure if I am doing something wrong or if it is broken.”

    How would you proceed?

    Transfer the call to Technical Assistance

    Transfer the call to the ADT Helpdesk

    Schedule a Service Tech

    Troubleshoot the equipment for the customer

  • Q4

    4. You are completing a sale for your customer, when you realize the system is not allowing you to schedule an installation.

    Which department will you call for assistance with scheduling the installation?

    Field Support Center (SSO)

    Technical Assistance (TAS)

    Field Operations Support Center (FOSC)

    ADT Helpdesk

  • Q5

    5. A customer calls in and explains they are not happy with their ADT Services and would like to cancel.

    How would you proceed?

    Transfer to Customer Service Group (CSG)

    Cancel the services per the customer’s request

    Transfer to Account Management (AM) 

    Offer a discount so they will not cancel

  • Q6

    6.You receive a call from a customer who explains they would like to update services for their business. You discover the business is less than 10,000 sq. ft.

    How would you proceed?

    Handle the call as a Small Business Sale

    Explain that we only update services for businesses over 10,000 sq. ft.

    Set a Field Sales Appointment

    Transfer to Commercial Business Sales

  • Q7

    7. A customer is calling because they believe there is a discrepancy on their bill. They state they are being overcharged.

    How would you proceed?

    Transfer call to Operation Support Center

    Transfer call to Customer Service Group (Account Services Department)

    Determine if there was an overcharge on the account and if so, credit the account

    Transfer call to Account Management

  • Q8

    8. You are speaking with a customer regarding their security needs and ask if they currently have smoke detectors. The customer states they have had the same smoke detectors for the last twenty years and they are not even sure if they still work.

    Which of the following statements is an appropriate response?

    Our Life Safety Devices include smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and heat detectors, all monitored 24/7. This allows you the peace of mind that even when you are not home, your home is still being monitored for fire, carbon monoxide, or heat emergencies.

    Okay. Let me know if you are interested in new smoke detectors. We sell those too.

    With your current smoke detectors in addition to our updated security system, you will be safer than ever! 

  • Q9

    9.You receive a call from Edward who explains he just purchased a new car. He is feeling worried because there have been car thefts in his neighborhood recently. He does not have a garage, so he will have to park outside.

    Based on the above scenario, which of the following would you recommend to Edward?

    Pro Series Outdoor Camera

    Z-Wave Lightbulb

    Pro Series Indoor Camera

    Garage Door Controller

  • Q10

    10.You are speaking with Louise about upgrading her system when she tells you she works late and often feels uneasy coming home to a dark house. She used to keep her lights on, but it caused her electricity bill to rise.

    Based on the above scenario, which of the following would you recommend to Louise?

    Lighting Control

    Video Surveillance

    Temperature (Climate) Control

    Life Safety Monitoring

  • Q11

    11.You are in the process of upgrading Paige’s security system when she states she must quickly place you hold. When she returns, she reveals she is cooking and had to run to the stove. She jokes that she came close to burning the kitchen down. You determine this is a chance to promote ADT’s Life Safety devices.

    Based on the above scenario, which of the following would you recommend to Paige?

    Command SiX Carbon Monoxide Detector

    Command SiX Glass Break Detector

    Command SiX Flood Detector

    Command SiX Smoke Detector

  • Q12

    12.You are having a conversation with a customer, Mark, about what he needs in a security system. He lets you know he recently started doing more online shopping. Usually, his packages are delivered right to the front door, but lately a few of his packages have went missing.

    Based on the above scenario, which of the following would you recommend to Mark?

    ADT Command SiX Motion Detector

    Deadbolt Door Lock

    Garage Door Controller

    ADT Video Doorbell

  • Q13

    13.You are having a conversation with Aaron about his current security set up and what he feels is missing from it. He mentions that he sometimes leaves the front door unlocked because his son loses his keys. He does not like to do this, but he has not figured out another option.

    Based on the above scenario, which of the following would you recommend to Aaron?

    Z-Wave LED Lightbulb

    ADT Video Doorbell

    ADT Command Smart Thermostat

    Z-Wave Deadbolt Door Lock

  • Q14

    14. According to the Sales Conversation Guide, which of the following are eligible billing methods? Select all that may apply.

    Partial payment

    Flex-Fi & Paid in full professional install

    6 Pay

  • Q15

    15.Which of the following customer types are not eligible for FlexFi?

    Homeowners who are approved through the credit check process.

    Residential customers

    Informix billed customers.

    MMB billed accounts only.


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