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28 questions
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  • Q1
    Scientists use different types of tools to investigate how and why things happen. Here are some examples of these tools: • a diagram of a food chain in the Everglades • a plastic replica of the human digestive system • a mathematical equation for finding the speed of an object Which word describes all of these examples?
  • Q2
    Niels Bohr, a Danish physicist, produced an early model of the atom. Bohr’s model was eventually replaced by the cloud model of the atom. What is the main reason scientists use a model of an atom?
    An atom is very small, and a model aids in its study.
    All atoms are too dangerous to study without a model.
    Most atoms are too far away for scientists to study in a lab.
    Most atoms are too large to study in a lab.
  • Q3
    Clarence wants to show these data in a bar graph. Each bar will show the number of hurricanes for a 10 y period. The x-axis will be titled “Years.” What should the range of numbers be for the y-axis, “Number of Hurricanes Making Landfall”?
    Question Image
  • Q4
    At what temperature is the density of water equal to 999.70 kg/m3?
    Question Image
    about 4 °C
    about 10 °C
    about 6 °C
    about 12 °C
  • Q5
    Raul wants to investigate how the angle of a ramp affects the speed an object rolling down the ramp. He can conduct his investigation in a number of different ways. Which investigation should he perform?
    record the time it takes one bicyclist to ride down hills of varying steepness
    observe different bicyclists riding down hills of varying steepness
    observe video of various objects rolling down hills and estimate the angle of the hill and the speed of the object
    perform an experiment in a lab in which the angle of the ramp is controlled / manipulated, and the speed of a rolling cart is measured
  • Q6
    Lee wants to make sure she understands the components of a good scientific investigation. She knows that it should be controlled and have a large sample size. Also, she thinks that the results should be communicated to other scientists. Which is another component that is necessary for a good investigation?
    It must be able to be replicated by other scientists.
    It must be done with expensive equipment.
    It must be conducted in a big lab.
    It must be run by a university scientist.
  • Q7
    Which description defines a hypothesis?
    a testable idea that explains an observed event
    an account of an observed event
    a statement that predicts a future event
    a statement that has been extensively tested and proven to be true
  • Q8
    The following graph shows the results of an experiment done by four different groups. Each group took a different rubber band and recorded how far it stretched as they added weights to it. Which group’s rubber band stretched the least as more weight was added?
    Question Image
    group 3
    group 2
    group 4
    group 1
  • Q9
    Cesar reads about the big bang theory, which explains that the universe expanded as the result of an explosion. He wants to evaluate whether this theory is a good one. Which statement is a characteristic of a good theory?
    It is not supported by scientific evidence.
    It is the idea of one astronomer.
    It changes with new observations made by astronomers.
    It does not change as time passes.
  • Q10
    Bo learns about the law of inertia. It states that objects at rest tend to stay at rest, and objects in motion tend to stay in motion. The state of motion changes only when another force acts on an object. Bo wants to use this law to predict how a soccer ball will roll on the grass after he kicks it. Which statement best describes the motion of the ball?
    The ball will not move because it is at rest when he kicks it.
    The ball will keep rolling until the force between the ball and the grass makes it stop.
    The ball will keep rolling forever after he kicks it.
    The ball will not move much after he kicks it because it wants to stay at rest.
  • Q11
    The table shows how the theory of atoms has changed over time. What do these changes show about the current theory of the atom?
    Question Image
    It is bad because it is likely to change again.
    It is bad because it does not match the original theory of the atom
    It is good because it adapts to include new information.
    It is good because it is from a reliable source.
  • Q12
    Ryan made a list of activities that are scientific and activities that are not scientific. Which activity should Ryan classify as not scientific?
    climbing to the top of a very tall mountain
    sorting rocks by color and size
    making notes about how many hours the sun shines each day
    measuring the height of a plant every day
  • Q13
    A scientist found that a petri dish from an experiment had not been cleaned several days earlier. In the dish, she discovered a bacterial culture that she had not seen during the experiment. She wants to find out whether the bacteria had developed from the material left from the earlier experiment. Which of the following is a way for her to begin testing?
    Question Image
    Take a sample of the bacteria and grow it in an incubator.
    Check all the clean petri dishes for residue from the previous experiment.
    Try the original experiment again, do not clean some of the petri dishes, and see if the bacteria grow.
    Gather dirty petri dishes from other labs to see if they grow the same bacteria.
  • Q14
    A toy robot can walk and talk and runs on batteries. What type of energy is stored in the batteries?
  • Q15
    Inside the sun, hydrogen atoms combine to form helium atoms. This process releases light and warmth. Which form of energy powers the sun?

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