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Midterm Review (Inferencing)

Quiz by Lillian Gregory

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4 questions
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  • Q1
    Which conclusion may BEST be drawn from this excerpt?
    The narrator placed a higher priority on establishing his ranch than his own wishes.
    The narrator found the prospect of the ocean more compelling than his responsibilities
    A demanding journey around the world was better left to the youthful.
    An ambitious expedition required a great deal of preparation and planning.
  • Q2
    Which generalization is BEST supported by this sentence?
    People are able to withstand persuasive arguments.
    People habitually question the choices and actions of others.
    People act in the manner that comes most naturally to them.
    People have an instinctive yearning for either the sea or the land.
  • Q3
    What does this excerpt MOST clearly imply about human nature?
    People often act impulsively when they make decisions.
    People are unable to distinguish between desires and needs.
    People are ruled by preferences of which they may be unaware.
    People often underestimate the power of the language they use.
  • Q4
    Why did the narrator initially plan to delay the trip for several years?
    He wanted to seek advice from experienced sailors
    He doubted his friends' commitment to join him
    He wished to accomplish other tasks prior to his departure
    He felt apprehensive about dangers he might encounter

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