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MIL graded recitation Lesson 5

Quiz by Jerome Meñale

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  • Q1

    What type of source are letters written by soldiers during World War II?





  • Q2

    Where would you find a basic textbook on organic chemistry?

    Primary sources

    Tertiary sources


    Secondary sources

  • Q3

    When researching an event related to Mobo NHS that occurred over 10 years ago, which source of information would be considered appropriate according to the provided scenario?

    Interviewing alumni parents who attended Mobo NHS

    Interviewing a teacher who recently joined the staff at Mobo NHS

    Interviewing current students at Mobo NHS

    Conducting an online search for recent news articles about Mobo NHS

  • Q4

    In the context of gathering information for the event related to Mobo NHS that happened more than 10 years ago, which category would interviewing alumni parents who attended Mobo NHS fall under?

    Primary source

    Tertiary source


    Secondary source

  • Q5

    Which statement best describes Indigenous knowledge (IK) based on the text?

    IK is solely from universities and research institutions.

    IK is limited to cultural practices.

    IK is controlled by vested interest groups.

    IK encompasses unique local knowledge for community activities.

  • Q6

    Which characteristic of Indigenous media highlights its reliance on passing information down through generations?

    Utilizing modern digital technologies

    Storing information in written records

    Oral tradition of communication

    Utilizing mass media platforms

  • Q7

    Which characteristic of Indigenous media emphasizes its focus on local communities?

    Storing information in digital archives

    Utilizing international communication networks

    Containing information within the borders of the community

    Exchanging information across global borders

  • Q8

    Which theory states that viewers identify with certain values and identities that are presented as mainstream on television even though they do not actually share those values or identities in their real lives?

    Propaganda Model of Media Control

    Agenda-setting Theory

    Cultivation Theory

    Third-party Effect

  • Q9

    Consideringthe boomerang effect, how might individuals react when they encounterpropaganda messages that go against their beliefs?

    They may conform to the message and adopt new beliefs

    They may ignore the message and continue with their current beliefs

    They may reject the message and strengthen their existing beliefs

    They may question their beliefs and engage critically with the message

  • Q10

    How does the third-party effect influence advertising and public relations strategies?

    It suggests that individuals are immune to media influence, affecting advertising effectiveness

    It encourages advertisers to target specific demographics with tailored messages

    It leads to increased spending on media production and distribution

    It motivates advertisers to create messages that appeal to a broad audience


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