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Milton Hershey Ch. 8 and 9

Quiz by Jayme Goubeaux

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13 questions
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  • Q1
    Who did Milton give all his stock to as a way to try and honor Kitty?
    the Titanic
    Milton Hershey School
    Milton Hershey Zoo
    Milton Hershey Park
  • Q2
    What was Milton's only rule when he donated his stock?
    The money had to be used to purchase new animals for the zoo.
    The money always had to be used to help students and the school.
    The money had to be used for research to find a cure for the disease Kitty had.
    The money had to be used at a hospital.
  • Q3
    What does the picture on page 85 have to do with what you read?
    It's explaining that Milton built a town in Cuba around the sugarcane factories just like he did around his chocolate factories in Pennsylvania.
    It's showing how the people of Cuba loved chocolate so much, they changed the name of their town to be after their favorite chocolate bar.
    It's showing how Milton Hershey saw these signs on his way to Cuba.
    It's showing that Hershey, Pennsylvania is to the east and Hershey, Cuba is to the west.
  • Q4
    What is a contrast between Hershey, Pennsylvania and Hershey, Cuba.
    Hershey, Pennsylvania had parks, houses, shops, etc. but Hershey, Cuba only had sugar factories.
    Hershey, Pennsylvania was built by Milton's dad, but Hershey, Cuba was built by Milton.
    Hershey, Pennsylvania is still a very nice place today but Hershey, Cuba has not been kept up.
    Hershey, Pennsylvania was built to support the employees but Hershey, Cuba was built for Milton's family to live.
  • Q5
    In the 1930's, when most of the United States was in a depression and out of jobs, how did Milton help his employees?
    He opened a college for the employees kids' to go to learn new jobs.
    He gave them all a week off of work to spend time with their families.
    He gave them all a raise.
    He made sure everyone was working. (If it wasn't in his factories, they at least had a job doing something else.)
  • Q6
    What was the CAUSE of how people were still able to buy Hershey's chocolate bars even during the depression when they didn't have much money?
    The candy was sold everywhere.
    He built Hotel Hershey.
    He built a huge sports arena for a hockey team.
    The candy was very cheap.
  • Q7
    What was an EFFECT of Hershey donating so many chocolate bars during WWI and WWII?
    The soldiers needed energy.
    American troops went to Europe.
    He created a bar that wouldn't melt and sent it to Europe.
    The Hershey Company received many awards from the U.S. government.
  • Q8
    Even though Milton was getting older, he still liked experimenting. Which of the following is NOT something he tried?
    toilet paper
    turnip flavored chocolate
  • Q9
    What happened to Ben Hogan that caused many people to think he would never golf again?
    a heart attack
    a car accident
    he broke his leg
    his wife died
  • Q10
    What did Milton Hershey do to "snoop" and find out what people thought about him?
    He walked on the streets asked people.
    He wore a costume and went into his own factories.
    He pretended to be one of his workers.
    He hid behind a newspaper and listened to people talk!
  • Q11
    What is one of the newer candy bars the Hershey company has produced?
    Push Pop suckers
    Laffy Taffy
    Peanut Butter M&M's
  • Q12
    How old was Milton Hershey when he died?
  • Q13
    What was the cause of Milton Hershey's death?
    eating too much chocolate
    heart attack
    heart broken for Kitty

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