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Mindset Chapter 3

Quiz by Kennedy

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  • Q1
    What set Thomas Edison apart from other boys his age?
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    mindset and drive
  • Q2
    Transition to junior high happens while students are coping with their new adolescent bodies and roles. Grades suffer, but not everyone's grades suffer equally. Who's grades do not suffer?
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    students with a fixed mindset
    boys with a fixed mindset
    students with the growth mindset
    girls with a growth mindset
  • Q3
    In the fixed mindset a loser...
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    becomes a winner.
    is forever.
    can change.
    dies a slow and painful death in shame.
  • Q4
    The quote, "In school my main goal is to do things as easily as possible so I don't have to work very hard," is in reference to...
    Question Image
    high-effort syndrome
    low-effort syndrome
    fixed mindset
    indolence syndrome
  • Q5
    Students with a fixed mindset tend to use rote memorization to learn new material. What are some strategies a student with a growth mindset would use to study?
    Question Image
    look for bold words
    look for themes and principles
    look for italicized words
    look for difficult vocabulary
  • Q6
    While Marva Collins' 2nd grade growth mindset students were talking about diphthongs and reciting Shakespeare, Longfellow, and Kipling, many students from a rich suburban high school had never even...
    Question Image
    seen poetry before.
    read Aesop's fables.
    heard of Shakespeare.
    written a formal essay.
  • Q7
    Fill in the blank: "Come on, peach. We have work to do. You can't just sit in a seat and grow smart... I promise you are going to _______, and you are going to ________. I am not going to let you fail."
    Question Image
    hurt; die
    do; produce
    fall; suffer
    grow; succeed
  • Q8
    Twyla Tharp argues that creativity is not a magical act of inspiration. It's the result of...
    Question Image
    living up to your potential.
    innate artistic ability.
    hard work and dedication.
    unleashing the beast from within.
  • Q9
    Even though Edward Caldwell's feedback to the African American students' competition essays was very critical, the students with a growth mindset saw it as...
    Question Image
    an opportunity to show him who's boss.
    the professor "dislikes creativity."
    a chance to "produce better work."
    the professor being "unfair."
  • Q10
    "... We took ordinary children and made them into liars, simply by telling them they were ________."
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