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MLA Print Book In-Text Citations Practice

Quiz by Kristin Ferruchie

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13 questions
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  • Q1
    (Zusak 56) is an example of what kind of citation?
    Page-Author format
    Parenthetical reference
    Signal phrase
    Block style
  • Q2
    A comma or a period should come between the author's last name and page number.
  • Q3
    Use block style for quotes longer than 2 lines.
  • Q4
    What's the correct formatting of block style quotes?
    Double spaced, indented 1", no quotation marks, and citation BEFORE the end punctuation
    Single spaced, indented 1/2", quotation marks, and the citation AFTER the end punctuation
    Double spaced, indented 1/2", no quotation marks, and citation AFTER the end punctuation
    Citation and a colon precede the quote that is indented 1/2", double spaced and without quotation marks
  • Q5
    How does a signal phrase differ from a parenthetical citation?
    There is no difference
    A signal phrase uses the author's name in the tag before the evidence, leaving only the page number in the parentheses.
    A signal phrase uses the page number before the evidence, leaving only the author's name in parentheses.
    A signal phrase includes both the author's name and page number before the evidence, requiring no parentheses after it.
  • Q6
    Where do parenthetical citations belong?
    At the end of the sentence
    In the middle of a line
    At the beginning of the sentence
    Directly after a quote
  • Q7
    Where does the period belong with a parenthetical citation that is NOT in block style?
    Before the citation
    Inside the quotation marks
    After the citation
    No end punctuation required
  • Q8
    If using a summary, paraphrase, or reference, you still cite the same way you would a short direct quote.
  • Q9
    What do brackets within a quote indicate?
    Words have been rearranged
    The author did it that way in the text
    Words have been omitted
    Words have been inserted for clarity
  • Q10
    What do ellipses in a quote indicate?
    Words have been inserted
    Words have been rearranged
    Words have been omitted
    The author put them there for confusion
  • Q11
    If I wanted to only quote the second half of a sentence, do I need ellipses at the beginning?
  • Q12
    If a question mark or exclamation point is the end punctuation within a quote, does it stay within the quotation marks?
  • Q13
    Poetry, not prose, uses what mark in between lines?
    a dash --
    ellipses . . .
    a slash /
    a hyphen -

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