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  • Q1
    1. How many brothers and sisters did Christy have?
  • Q2
    2. What did Christy's mother see when she started thinking there was something wrong with him?
    He couldn’t keep his head straight.
    He didn’t know how to eat.
    He didn’t make any noise.
    He couldn’t grab things.
  • Q3
    3. What did Christy's mother do based on the doctor’s opinions?
    She decided not to take care of him properly.
    She decided to send him to a special institution to learn how to speak.
    She was determined to treat him as if he were normal.
    She thought of abandoning him in an institution.
  • Q4
    4. How did Christy start to move?
    He learnt how to crawl
    At the same time he moved, he shouted, as it was painful for him.
    In a convulsive way.
    He did not move at all.
  • Q5
    5. What was Christy's first successful attempt to communicate with others?
    His mother taught him to speak using signs.
    He copied what his brothers and sisters were doing.
    He managed to write a few letters he copied from a newspaper.
    He learnt to pronounce some very easy words.
  • Q6
    6. What was the first thing Christy learnt how to write (after the alphabet)?
    The word ‘mother’
    His name
    His initials
    His mother’s name
  • Q7
    7. Why was a big disadvantage for Christy to learn at home?
    She was not prepared for such hard work.
    She had to find a job, as her husband got unemployed.
    His mum didn’t have much time to teach him daily.
    She did not know how to teach him.
  • Q8
    8. How did Christy go from one place to another?
    His brothers pushed him along in a rusty old go-car.
    His brothers carried him along.
    His brothers pushed him along in a wheelchair.
    His mother carried him along.
  • Q9
    9. How did other boys treat Christy?
    They only accepted him because of Christy’s brothers.
    They did not like Christy being with them.
    As if he was inferior.
    With deference and respect.
  • Q10
    10. Why was Christy allowed to go to bed late on Christmas’ Eve?
    Listening to the radio was always a help to his intellectual development.
    He just loved it, and his parents would not deny anything to him.
    He learnt things from the radio.
    He heard mass at midnight, as he couldn’t go like the others.

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