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MM Ch. 11 Review

Quiz by Ryan Ridout

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22 questions
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  • Q1
    Investments bought and sold on the stock market, including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, options, and commodities.
  • Q2
    A company that issues stock to a small group of people.
    Private Corporation
  • Q3
    A company that sells its shares openly in stock markets when anyone can buy them.
    Public Corporation
  • Q4
    An assigned dollar value that is printed on a stock certificate.
    Par Value
  • Q5
    A safe investment that generally attracts conservative investors, usually issued by the strongest and most respected companies.
    Blue-Chip Stock
  • Q6
    A stock that pays higher-than-average dividends compared to other stock issues.
    Income Stock
  • Q7
    A stock issued by a corporation whose potential earnings may be higher than the average earnings predicted for all the corporations in the country.
    Growth Stock
  • Q8
    A stock with market value that tends to reflect the state of the economy
    Cyclical Stock
  • Q9
    A stock that remains stable during declines in the economy
    Defensive Stock
  • Q10
    A stock from a corporation that has issued a large number of shares and has a large amount of capitalization.
    Large-cap Stock
  • Q11
    The total amount of stocks and bonds issued by a corporation.
  • Q12
    A stock issued by a company with a capitalization of $500 million or less.
    Small-cap Stock
  • Q13
    A stock that typically sells for less than $1 a share.
    Penny Stock
  • Q14
    A market condition that occurs when investors are optimistic about the economy and buy stocks.
    Bull Market
  • Q15
    A market condition that occurs when investors are pessimistic about the economy and sell stocks.
    Bear Market

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