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25 questions
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  • Q1
    A nurse is caring for a 17-year-old client who is experiencing a relapse of leukemia and is refusing treatment. The client's mother insists that the client receive treatment. Which of the following actions should the nurse take?
    Administer a sedative to calm the client.
    Offer the client an antiemetic.
    Initiate the IV per the parent's request.
    Notify the provider of the situation.
  • Q2
    A charge nurse is anticipating the admission of four clients and planning their room assignments. Which of the following clients should the nurse assign to the room closest to the nurses’ station?
    A client who reports a severe migraine headache
    A client who has a suspected diagnosis of tuberculosis (TB)
    A client who has a history of atrial fibrillation and is on continuous ECG monitoring.
    A client who sustained a head injury and is having periods of confusion
  • Q3
    A nurse is caring for a client who has rheumatoid arthritis and is experiencing difficulty feeding herself using adaptive devices. The nurse should initiate a referral with which of the following members of the interprofessional health care team?
    Registered dietitian
    Social worker
    Occupational therapist
    Speech pathologist
  • Q4
    A nurse is preparing an educational presentation about organ donation for a group of newly licensed nurses. Which of the following information should the nurse include?
    The nurse may serve as a witness to informed consent for organ donation.
    The nurse caring for the client at the time of death requests organ donation.
    Clients are placed on artificial life support before organ and tissue donation can occur.
    Donation costs are the responsibility of the donor’s family and estate.
  • Q5
    A nurse is preparing an educational program for a group of newly licensed nurses about client confidentiality. The nurse should explain that nurses may share a client’s protected health information with which of the following groups?
    Health care team members caring for the client
    Clergy affiliated with the facility
    The facility’s administrators
    The client’s immediate family members
  • Q6
    A newly licensed nurse is seeking advice from her preceptor about the need to purchase personal professional liability insurance. Which of the following statements should the preceptor make?
    "Personal liability coverage is not mandatory, but you should consider purchasing your own coverage."
    "The chances of a malpractice suit are minimal as long as you follow our policies and procedures."
    "The facility has insurance that will cover malpractice litigation."
    "I shouldn't advise you about what is ultimately a personal decision."
  • Q7
    A nurse is receiving shift report about a group of assigned clients. Which of the following actions should the nurse plan to take first?
    Check the laboratory findings of a preoperative client scheduled for surgery later in the shift.
    Suction the tracheostomy of a client who has copious secretions.
    Ask the provider about advancing a client’s diet.
    Reinsert an intravenous catheter that was removed due to infiltration.
  • Q8
    A nurse is prioritizing care for two clients at the start of the shift. The first client, who is 1 day postoperative following a partial bowel resection, requires a dressing change, total parental nutrition administration and reports a pain level of 6 on a scale from 0 to 10. The second client, who has a newly inserted percutaneous gastrostomy tube, requires a tube feeding, dressing change, and daily weight. Which of the following nursing actions should the nurse plan to complete first?
    Administer pain medication to the first client.
    Change the dressings of both clients.
    Weigh the second client.
    Obtain vital signs for both clients.
  • Q9
    A nurse on a medical unit is planning care for several clients. Which of the following clients should benefit most from the nurse acting as an advocate?
    An older adult client who has no family and is uncertain about moving to assisted living
    A client who makes an informed decision not to participate in chemotherapy treatment
    A client who has been educated on treatment options and chooses alternative treatments
    A client who has previously undergone a procedure that is to be performed for a second time
  • Q10
    A nurse plans to leave her scheduled shift an hour early without permission or notification of the charge nurse. The clients in the nurse’s assignment are stable. Which of the following legal torts applies to this situation?
  • Q11
    A nurse is completing the initial admission assessment and history for a client. Which of the following is the priority action for the nurse to take?
    Provide a schedule of visiting hours to the client's family.
    Document the client's allergies in the electronic medical record.
    Teach the client about his diagnosis.
    Develop a plan of care for the client.
  • Q12
    A nurse is orienting a newly licensed nurse about receiving telephone prescriptions. Which of the following statements by the newly licensed nurse should indicate a need for further teaching?
    "The provider should sign the telephone prescription as soon as possible."
    "Telephone prescriptions are transcribed into the nurse's notes."
    "I will ask the provider for clarification when I do not understand."
    "I will repeat the prescription back to the provider after receiving it."
  • Q13
    A nurse is preparing to discharge a client who has an abdominal wound that is healing by secondary intention. Which of the following actions is the nurse's priority?
    Provide a dietary list of foods which promote wound healing.
    Schedule a follow-up visit by a home health nurse for dressing changes.
    Establish a follow-up appointment with the client's provider.
    Instruct the client about home disposal of contaminated dressings.
  • Q14
    A nurse is caring for a client who has cancer and is 20 weeks pregnant. The client’s provider recommends chemotherapy for the client, but the client is uncertain about the recommend treatment. Which of the following statements by the nurse is appropriate?
    "You should take the initial dose."
    "You should wait until the baby is born to begin treatment."
    "This must be a difficult decision for you."
    "The medication could save your baby’s life."
  • Q15
    A nurse is caring for a client who is experiencing dysphagia. The nurse should recommend a referral to which of the following members of the health care team?
    Social worker
    Speech therapist
    Respiratory therapist
    Occupational therapist

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