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Quiz by Hannah Tapp Thomas

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13 questions
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  • Q1

    A new fashion starts among the posh crowd in New York City and Los Angeles. It then spreads to other cities such as Houston, St. Louis, and Cincinnati before spreading to rural parts of the United States. This is an example of

    hierarchical diffusion

    relocation diffusion

    contagious diffusion

    stimulus diffusion

    impact diffusion 

  • Q2

    In West Africa, every country has multiple ethnic-ities and many languages. In Niger, Nigeria, and Ghana, the Hausa language is used among people of many tribes as a mutually understood language. This is an example of

    a lingua franca

    a cultural convergence




  • Q3

    The English, Spanish, and French languages have some of the widest ranges, spread across various continents. What is the best explanation for this wide linguistic dispersal?

    These languages are widespread because of modern online importance. 

    Colonialism and economic imperialism brought these languages around the world. 

    Indo-European languages are fashionable, so they have spread far. 

    The massive relocation of English, Spanish, and French speakers around the world caused this linguistic dispersal. 

    Climatic factors made these languages the most well-suited to places beyond their origin. 

  • Q4

    Sikhism is an important South Asian religion. As British colonialism reached South Asia, Sikhism spread to other part of the British Empire, such as Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Kenya. This is an example of

    relocation diffusion

    contagious diffusion

    hierarchical diffusion

    stimulus diffusion

    impact diffusion

  • Q5

    The term "cultural diffusion" refers to the 

    modification of Earth's surface by human actions

    integration of behavioral traits within a group 

    spread of an idea or innovation from its sources

    relationship between human cultures and their physical environment

    assimilation of a minority culture into the hose society 

  • Q6

    Chinese porcelain was highly valued in Europe for its beauty, style, and durability. However, imported porcelain from China was very expensive. Crafters in Germany and England developed new methods of making porcelain using feldspar and bone rather than the kaolin that was used in China. This new porcelain was viewed as having similar quality to Chinese porcelain, and the new methods continued to be used in Europe.

    Relocation diffusion, because the Chinese brought their porcelain to Europe

    Stimulus diffusion, because the Europeans adapted a Chinese concept to fit their own needs

    Contagious diffusion, because people throughout the world adopted the use of porcelain

    Hierarchical diffusion, because only the wealthy could afford porcelain

    Expansion diffusion, because the porcelain-making process spread from China to Europe

  • Q7

    Sometimes a diffusion process encounters barriers that slow or stop the spread of an innovation. Which of the following is an example of such a barrier?

    A lack of infrastructure to support a new technology

    A change in the price of energy 

    A jump from contagious to hierarchical diffusion

    A transition from stimulus to contagious diffusion

    A new form of media to broadcast information 

  • Q8

    According to the figure above, which of the following choices best describes the changes in interaction as distance increases? 

    Question Image

    It remains unchanged. 

    It increases at first and then decreases.

    It increases. 

    It changes randomly. 

    It decreases.

  • Q9

    Which of the following scenarios best exemplifies the concept of hierarchical diffusion? 

    The increasing sales of clothing brands endorsed by professional athletes to customers in Europe

    The practice of selling pizza by the slice in America, whereas pizzas in Italy were traditionally sold as whole pies

    The addition of hands-free driving features to cars manufactured by companies headquartered throughout the world

    The migration of asylum seekers from Syria to Europe

    The increasing popularity of Korean pop music around the world because of social media

  • Q10

    Which of the following language-location pairs best exemplifies the process of relocation diffusion of language in the twentieth century?

    Hmong in the U.S.

    English in India

    Mandarin in China

    French in Canada

    Russian in Brazil

  • Q11

    The spread of specialty coffee shops across the United States in the 1990s is an example of

    hierarchical diffusion

    contagious diffusion

    stimulus diffusion

    periodic movement 

    relocation diffusion 

  • Q12

    The spread of the use of chopsticks into Southeast Asian countries with the influx of Chinese immigrants is an example of which of the following concepts?

    stimulus diffusion 

    hierarchical diffusion



    relocation diffusion 

  • Q13

    The diffusion pattern of Walmart stores, which have spread from small towns to large cities throughout the United States, is an example of

    relocation diffusion

    contagious diffusion

    stimulus diffusion

    distance decay

    reverse hierarchical diffusion


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