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  • Q1

    Which of the following statements describes a centrifugal force?

    The Canadian government plans to construct a national railroad system that will connect all provinces and territories.

    The British Museum funds a traveling exhibi-tion of the Royal crown throughout the United Kingdom for citizens who cannot travel to London for the exhibit.

    Ethnic Burmans control the central territory and political capital in Myanmar while the less powerful ethnic groups are marginalized in the border regions.

    Schoolchildren in Australia learn the history, values, and traditions of their country.

    Most of the citizens in Nepal follow the tenets of Hinduism, the state religion in their country.

  • Q2

    Geographers interested in spatial relation-ships of centrifugal forces within a state using different scales of analysis would begin their research by

    looking at centrifugal forces on the continent and comparing their findings at the global scale.

    comparing centripetal forces in one state with centrifugal forces in another state to see which state was more stable.

    comparing two stateless nations whose territo-ries were spread over three or more states.

    selecting a state wherein protests began in urban areas and spread to involve the entire state.

    comparing centrifugal forces in Latin America with centrifugal forces in Africa.

  • Q3

    Which of the following identifies and explains a geographic concept that is illustrated on the following map?

    Question Image

    Scale because the map is small and shows only one country and some islands

    Centrifugal forces because the map only shows towns along the coast and not in the interior

    Uneven development because the island only has two cities and the peninsula has several cities

    Nationalism because all the roads lead to Rome, which is the seat of the state religion

    Centripetal forces because there is substan-tial infrastructure development in the form of roads

  • Q4

    Which parts of the following image illustrate a central concept related to cultural cohesion?

    Question Image

    George Washington because he was an admiral in the American navy and the image shows his power

    Betsy Ross because she is a wealthy person with a big house, which shows uneven develop-ment between upper and lower classes

    The original flag said to be sewn by Betsy Ross because it is part of the iconography related to the United States

    The children because they are reciting the pledge of allegiance to the flag to show to the soldiers what they learned in school

    The soldiers because they are seen in full mili-tary dress, meaning they are on their way to a parade

  • Q5

    The Canadian government created the new territory of Nunavut in order to 

    re-create the pre-1912 boundary of Quebec 

    recognize the territorial rights of indigenous people in the area 

    facilitate the exploration of mineral resources in the Northwest Territories 

    grant autonomy to the Cree and Mohawk people living in eastern Canada 

    guarantee Canadian fishing rights in the Atlantic Ocean 

  • Q6

    Which of the following best describes the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) between the United States, Canada, and Mexico?

    An open-border region with free movement of labor 

    A multinational trade zone in which most tariffs have been eliminated 

    A protectionist coalition that denies trade access from other countries 

    A monetary union with a single currency 

    An economic and security bloc designed to eliminate drug trafficking 

  • Q7

    Which of the following is an accurate comparison of devolutionary movements in Spain and Canada?

    There is an economic aspect to the Quebecois independence movement, while the Catalans focus mainly on culture.

    Both independence movements utilize cultural distinctiveness as their only reason for seeking independence.

    Both independence movements focus on religious differences with the nations they currently belong to.

    There is an economic aspect to the Catalan independence movement, while the Quebecois focus mainly on cultural differences.

    Both independence movements utilize economic power as their main reason for seeking independence.

  • Q8

    Based on the data in the table, which of the following is a possible impact of ethnic and religious diversity in Iraq?

    Question Image

    Ethnicity and religion act as centripetal forces in the country by creating a common Iraqi identity among the population.

    Ethnicity and religion facilitate democratization in the country by motivating participation in elections.

    Ethnicity and religion promote economic development in the country by generating national pride in the country’s accomplishments.

    Ethnicity and religion lead to devolutionary pressures in the country by politically dividing regions.

    Ethnicity and religion increase cultural cohesion in the country by promoting shared political ideology.

  • Q9

    Which of the following explains why Bosnia and Herzegovina would want to join the European Union (EU)?

    Question Image

    To increase the chances of joining NATO and protection against Russian invasion

    To benefit from the EU single currency and open borders that exist between their country’s neighboring states

    To benefit from the EU single currency and eliminate the cost of currency exchange with the United Kingdom, Denmark, and Sweden

    To participate in the EU free trade zone and automatically receive the protection of NATO

    To benefit from the EU free trade zone and achieve economic and social stability

  • Q10

    Compare the centralized power of the Soviet Union with the contemporary Russian Federation, in terms of the control of territory. Which of the following statements does the information in the map best support?

    Question Image

    Russia is a global power with concentrated power in East Asia.

    Russia is a multistate nation made up of numerous sovereign independent entities.

    Russia’s autonomous regions illustrate a strategy to counter the difficulty in governing such a large area from a single centralized location.

    Russia is an ethnically diverse region with many subnational units.

    Russia used to control fifteen additional republics that regained their independence in 1990.

  • Q11

    Based on the map, which of the following best explains the implications of physical geography as the Kurds continue to struggle for an independent state in their ethnic homeland?

    Question Image

    Israel, Turkey, and Russia have voiced their support for an independent Kurdistan in areas with a majority Kurdish population, showing potential validation for Kurdistan.

    In September 2017 a public referendum was carried out that demonstrated that a majority of Kurds overwhelmingly support independence.

    Most areas with a Kurdish majority population are landlocked and therefore dependent on good relationships with their neighbors in order to access trade and prosper economically.

    Even in areas with a Kurdish minority population, Kurdish people have their own unique culture and identity separately from the states in which their nation is located.

    Unstable oil prices have created economic problems both in parts of the region with a Kurdish majority population and in parts with a Kurdish minority, leaving the Kurdistan Regional Government weakened and struggling to pay off debt. 

  • Q12

    Which of the following possible political effects is implied by the data in the table?

    Question Image

    The country’s high level of economic development acts as a centripetal force holding the state together.

    The high level of economic difference between the regions in Italy acts as a devolutionary force.

    The low level of economic difference between regions in Italy acts as a centripetal force holding the state together.

    The low level of economic difference between regions in Italy promotes devolutionary movements in some parts of Italy.

    The country’s low level of economic development promotes centrifugal forces tearing the state apart.

  • Q13

    Which of the following is South Africa’s former state-sanctioned policy of segregating the races?






  • Q14

    Which of the following is an example of a supranational organization with the main mission of increasing economic integration?

    The North Atlantic Treaty Organization 

    European Union

    The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement 

    United Nations

    United States Federal Reserve 

  • Q15

     The European Union, the Arab League, and the United Nations are all examples of 

    pressure groups 


    centrifugal organizations 

    supranational organizations 



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