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Quiz by Hannah Tapp Thomas

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21 questions
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  • Q1

    Which of the following describes the importance of decomposition of organic matter in the soil forma-tion process?

    It creates the sand, silt, & clay that make up the type of soil necessary for raising crops. 

    It creates an upper layer of topsoil that carries important nutrients for plant health & growth. 

    It creates a healthy environment for the survival of earthworms that live in sandy soils. 

    It creates pathways that allow air & water to get to the roots to help plants grow. 

    It creates the minerals in volcanic soils of the Andes Mountains for growing maize & yams. 

  • Q2

    Which of the following describes the type of topo-graphic feature best suited for grain agriculture?

    Small plots of land on southwestern plateaus of North America

    Terraced fields in mountainous areas of South Asia 

    Large fields in flat plains of Central Europe & North America 

    Hilly regions such as those found in Northern Ireland 

    Hillsides in Southeast Asia 

  • Q3

    Shifting cultivation generally takes place in which of the following climatic regions?

    Tropical wet  and dry 



    Humid continental

    Subtropical humid 

  • Q4

    Which of the following is an intensive agriculture practice that specializes in a single tropical or sub-tropical crop for global rather than local markets?

    nomadic herding

    shifting cultivation

    market gardening

    plantation agriculture 

    grain farming 

  • Q5

    Dairy farming in semiarid climatic regions can have which similarity with livestock fattening operations in the same environment?

    locations near slaughterhouses & meatpacking facilities

    locations in hilly areas with fields for pasture

    extensive fields for raising corn & grain crops

    large barns & outbuildings to house the livestock

    feedlots for sheltering & feeding the animals with hay & grain


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