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Modal verbs in past

Quiz by Paulina Pawelus

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  • Q1

    George ___ that woman. He is happily married to Judy.

    must have kissed

    can't have kissed

    should have kissed

    may not have kissed

  • Q2

    I was driving across the country and the fog was so thick it was possible to stroke the bigger pieces and scratch them on the ear. They ___ sheep, too.

    might have been

    should have been

    can't have been

    couldn't have been

  • Q3

    Due to a typing error, Monday's story on a local musiscian mistakenly reported that he was on drugs. It ___ he was on drums.

    might have reported

    couldn't have reported

    should have reported

    may have reported

  • Q4

    Holly's husband ___ about her illness. You can't hide something like this for so long.

    couldn't have known

    must have known

    can't have known

    may have known

  • Q5

    A doctor calls a patient. 'Mr. Johnson, I have good news and bad news. The good news is that you have got only 24 hours to live.'  'That's the good news?! What's the bad news?'  'I ___ yesterday.'

    may have called

    couldn't have called

    must have called

    should have called

  • Q6

    Luke ___ this fish himself. It's much too heavy, he wouldn't even have been able to lift it.

    may not have caught

    can't have caught

    must have caught

    couldn't have caught

  • Q7

    After the accident Laura really suffered. She ___ for three months.

    couldn't have walks

    may not have walked

    couldn't have walked

    must have walked

  • Q8

    'Oh come on. "Suicide Squad" ___ so bad.'  'Are you kidding? It was so terrible I wanted to kill myself watching it just to stop the pain.'

    must have been

    might not have been

    can't have be

    can't have been


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