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Modals in the past

Quiz by Ana Maria Garcia Guillén

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8 questions
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  • Q1
    I don't know why there's so much traffic today. There ______ an accident. (Maybe there was)
    Might had
    might have been
    Might has been
  • Q2
    I can't move my leg. It hurts too much. I think I _______ it. (Perhaps I have broken it)
    Must have broken
    might have broken
    Should have broken
  • Q3
    The gate is open and the dog is gone. We ______ it open when we went out. (I'm sure we left it open)
    must have left
  • Q4
    I can't find the milk, but we _____ it all. (I'm sure we didn't drink it)
    Might have broke
    Must have broke
    can't have drunk
  • Q5
    Jeremy is not here for the meeting. He _____ the email from our boss. (Perhaps he didn't see)
    Might haven’t seen
    might not have seen
    Must have seen
    Might have seen
  • Q6
    You can't go play now. You _______ all your homework. (It's impossible you've finished)
    Cena haven’t finished
    Must have finished
    can't have finished
  • Q7
    Must is used when
    50 certain
    60 certain
    Your 95 certain
  • Q8
    We always use modals plus
    Had and past particle
    Has and past participle
    Have and past participle

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