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  • Q1
    A: Where's Ann? B: I don't know. She (could + visit) __________ her aunt and uncle right now. She usually visits them every Friday evening.
    could be visiting
  • Q2
    You (should + watch) __________ the film on TV tonight. I highly recommend it. It's a classic.
    should watch
  • Q3
    I heard a loud crash in the next room. When I walked in, I found a brick on the floor, and the window was broken. Someone (must + throw) __________ the brick through the window.
    must have thrown
  • Q4
    A: Kathy just bought a new car, and now she's looking for a new apartment. B: She (must + make) __________ a lot of money in her new job.
    must be making
  • Q5
    Bob was stopped by a police officer last night. He (must + drive) __________ too fast when she clocked him on her radar. She gave him a speeding ticket.
    must have been driving

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