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Module 1 Assessment

Quiz by Ervin Jhon Patrick C. Binala

Grade 11/12
Understanding Culture, Society and Politics
Philippines Curriculum: SHS Core Curriculum Subjects

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5 questions
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  • Q1

    The birth of Sociology gave rise to the scientific and rational understanding of the society. How did Erving Goffman contribute to the field?

    He introduced participant observation as a tool for research.

    He proposed the looking glass self-theory as a way of seeing behavior and social phenomenon.

    He favored historical particularism as an approach in understanding society.

    He theorized dramaturgical approach in analyzing social interactions and relationships.

  • Q2

    Sociologists like Comte, Durkheim, and Weber gave their own views about society. What is society according to a sociological perspective?

    It is the people interacting with one another to create a culture.

    It is the shared beliefs and values of residents in a certain territory.

    It is the group of people working on attaining one's personal desires.

    It is the community of individuals building architecture and creating work of arts.

  • Q3

    As a student studying this discipline, what is the most beneficial reason of having knowledge on the study of culture, society, and politics?

    To make people ethnocentric.

    To change the way people view the world.

    To prepare people for active and responsible civic engagement.

    To provide people avenues for self-expression.

  • Q4

    Ahmed is a Muslim while his friend, Rody, is a Catholic. Sometimes, while doing their homework in Rody's house, Ahmed makes fun of the fact that Catholics have images of saints in their houses. What should Rody do about this problem?

    Rody should stop being friends with Ahmed.

    Rody should retaliate by making fun of Ahmed's religion.

    Rody should do nothing. Ahmed will eventually stop laughing about it.

    Rody should talk to Ahmed to explain their religious differences.

  • Q5

    One of the goals of studying Anthropology is appreciate your own cultural identity. As a student, what can you do to help preserve your culture and tradition?

    I cannot do anything because I am still too young.

    I will continue to learn more about our culture, practice it, and influence others to do the same.

    I will use the internet to research since we live in the modern times now.

    I will imitate the culture of other countries especially those portrayed my favorite shows.


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