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Quiz by Magdalene K. Giannakouli

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7 questions
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  • Q1

    My cousin ......... to Spain tomorrow.


    is flying

    going to fly

  • Q2

    We'll have dinner as soon as your sister ...... home.

    will come 

    is coming


  • Q3

    My family has been living in Paris ...... 

    two years ago

    since two years

    for two years

  • Q4

    By the time Jenny finished her homework, I ....... lunch.

    had made

    was making 

    have made

  • Q5

    When ......., turn the lights off.

    you will leave

    you leave

    will you leave

  • Q6

    I've never lived in a foreign country before, but I ...... the lifestyle soon.

    used to

    am used to

    will get used to 

  • Q7

    It's cold outside! - Oh! I .... a coat then. 

    am taking

    have taken 

    will take 


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