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  • Q1

    1. Waste management using 5R’s can promote a clean and healthy environment. Which can free Earth from garbage?

    D.Recycle and composting waste

    B. Greenhouse effect

    C. Improper collection of garbage

    A. Disposal of garbage anywhere 

  • Q2

    2. Which of the following products is NOT used for recycling strategy?

    D. plastic

    B. glass 

    C. paper 

    A. chemicals 

  • Q3

    3. What does it mean to RECYCLE?

    A. Creating new products out of material.

    B. Fixing slightly broken things to be used again.

     C. Finding other uses for materials that are already used.

    D. Lessening the amount of trash that will add to the environmenT

  • Q4

    Mariel is a street sweeper; they were asked to separate the biodegradable from the non-biodegradable ones. But she found some objects that can make into another product. What is the best way she can do with those objects?

    A. burn those waste

    D. throw them anywhere

    B. bury them 

     C. recycle them

  • Q5

    5. What do you think is the most effective way to lessen the problem of waste?

    C. Throw those waste anywhere.

    B. Bury those waste. 

    A. Burn those waste. 

     D. Use 5R’s Components of Waste Management


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