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Module 3 / Section A / Chapter 1

Quiz by Charles Early

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  • Q1
    A U.S. organization is developing a patent on a new product it will sell in several well-developed overseas countries. What is the easiest way for this organization to seek national and international patent protection?
    Hire agents in each country that will sell the item to file for the organization.
    File one international patent application in the U.S.
    Remotely file a patent application in each county that will sell the item.
    File a national patent application in the U.S. since this covers all other countries.
  • Q2
    A renewable energy company based in the United States is planning to open a factory in the European Union to reduce the risk of damage during transportation for fragile components. What labor considerations should the company be aware of before staffing the factory?
    Fewer privacy rights for workers and protection from workers lodging grievances
    Dual civil and religious legal systems that will cause issues when hiring, promoting, and firing employees
    More stringent protections for worker privacy, collective bargaining, and employee benefits
    Requirement that every employee have an employment contract that must be formally amended for any change
  • Q3
    Which of the following is the correct term for the situation in which a firm exports a product at a lower price than it sells for in the country in which the firm operates?
    Competitive pricing
  • Q4
    Which type of organization has made filing a patent after a reasonable patent search a much riskier endeavor?
    Organizations with patent-pending status
    International patent treaty organizations
    Patent assertion entities
    Government audit agencies
  • Q5
    What is true of labor laws?
    Civil laws are the only laws concerning labor.
    Local labor laws overrule country labor laws.
    Country and local labor laws can differ significantly.
    Labor laws tend to stay consistent between countries with centralized economies and countries with decentralized economies.

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