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Module 6 - Lesson 3: Netizens and Netiquette

Quiz by Archelyn Catedrilla

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  • Q1

    The term "netizen" is coined from the English words: ____ and ____.

    netiquette and citizen

    network and citizen

    internet and citizen

  • Q2

    It refers to the stuff you leave behind as you use the Internet – your app use, comments, email records, posts, and Skype calls. 

    Electronic footprint 

    Digital footprint

    Digital shadow

  • Q3

    Why should we manage our digital footprint?

    To minimize the digital trail that is being left behind as we use the internet. 

    To protect our digital image. 

    To avoid sharing too much about ourselves on the internet. 

  • Q4

    Which of the following people suggested the ten basic rules of netiquette to avoid damaging your online and offline relationships?




  • Q5

    Why do we need to share with discretion?

    To protect our family and friends.

    To protect our online image

    To protect our reputation.

  • Q6

    Everything is true about why we shouldn't email large files, EXCEPT:

    To avoid being seen as a spammer or as a scammer.

    To avoid depleting the receiver's inbox quota.

    To avoid crashing the receiver's server.

  • Q7

    The following are the actions to be done to show respect in people's privacy, EXCEPT: 

    Not signing up for newsletters and other communications using someone else's email address.

    Using BCC (blind carbon copy) rather than CC (carbon copy) in sending out information to more than one person.

    Sharing the information sent to you without checking with the original sender.

  • Q8

    It is the set of professional and social etiquettes practiced and advocated in electronic communication over any computer network.



    Internet Etiquette

  • Q9

    Perseus excused herself as she took an important call while she was bonding with her friends. Which of the following basic rules of netiquette is being shown based on the given scenario?

    Respect people's privacy.

    Don't exclude others.

    Make real people a priority.

  • Q10

    Nicyra did her research before she shared the online article that she had found online. Which of the following basic rules of netiquette is being shown based on the given scenario?

    Update online information.

    Share with discretion.

    Fact check before reposting.


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