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Module 7 Test Team 1

Quiz by Beth Reyes

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24 questions
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  • Q1
    How did the people elect George Washington?
    directly by vote
    none of these
    by a vote in the house and senate
    Through a group known as the electoral college which represented the peoples vote
  • Q2
    What is a "cabinet?"
    a place where important presidential papers are kept
    both of these
    a group of advisors to the president
  • Q3
    Alexander Hamilton was put in charge of which office?
    all of these
    secretary of state
  • Q4
    Which of these created the system of federal courts?
    none of these
    Northwest Ordinance
    Article 1 of the Constitution
    Judiciary Act of 1789
  • Q5
    Farmers and Merchants expected different things from government. What were these expectations?
    none of these
    farmers wanted fair tax laws while merchants wanted simpler trade laws
    farmers wanted simpler trade laws while merchants wanted simpler tax laws
  • Q6
    Hamilton and Jefferson disagreed over the repayment of the national debt. What was the specific topic they disagreed over?
  • Q7
    How was the disagreement over repayment of state debts finally arrived at?
    it was agreed that the national government would repay all state debts in exchange for moving the capitol farther north
    none of these
    it was agreed that the states would repay their own debts
    It was agreed that the national government would help repay all state debts in exchange for moving the capital farther south
  • Q8
    What was Jefferson's fear about the National bank?
    Question Image
    he thought it might give too much power to the people
    he thought it might give too much power to the state government
    all of these
    he thought it might give too much power to the federal government
  • Q9
    Why did Washington issues the Neutrality Proclamation?
    Question Image
    none of these
    to come to the rescue of Spain
    To keep the US out of a war between France and England
    to get the US involved in a war between France and Britian
  • Q10
    Why were Americans reluctant to help the French in their revolution?
    The Revolution was inspired partly by the American Revolution
    none of these
    The Revolution was so violent
  • Q11
    In return for promises not to side with the British, what promise did Pinckney get from Spain?
    a promise from the Spanish to keep the port of New Orleans open to American trade
    a promise from the French not to invade
    none of these
  • Q12
    Why was control of the Mississippi and New Orleans so important for Americans?
    Question Image
    The river was unimportant to the French
    The river was like a highway for American trade at that time
    The river would allow British shipping far inland
  • Q13
    Why were Native Americans fighting white settlers in the Northwest Territory?
    to side with the French
    to help the British
    To prevent the settlement of their homeland by Americans moving west
  • Q14
    What is the function of a political party?
    to prevent foreign countries from invading
    to represent people with similar ideas and beliefs
    to help people out of poverty
  • Q15
    What had been happening with France that caused Americans to spend representatives to France?
    France had been attacking British shipping
    France had been closing the port of New Orleans
    none of these
    France had been attacking American Shipping

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